CRM Solutions for Growing Businesses

Inevitably, all CRM applications outlive their effectiveness and need to be replaced.

Perhaps your company has seen significant growth but your CRM solution is now a barrier to further expansion. Often, this is due to one, or more, of these reasons:

  • You’ve outgrown an entry-level CRM package e.g. Act!, Zoho or Sugar
  • Unconnected systems don't give you a clear view of each relationship
  • Significant time is being consumed by inefficient processes
  • Your CRM technology is outdated
  • Developing CRM is slow and expensive, and is reliant on just one or two individuals
  • Critical performance indicators aren't being measured or reported correctly
  • Your business model has shifted over time

Maybe you are noticing a growing reliance in Excel spreadsheets that have been created to supplement the internal systems, or to fill gaps in the capabilities of what you have now?

Are your competitors stealing a march in you by driving efficiencies with smarter use of technology?

Your CRM business transformation starts here

Technology is a driver of digital transformation for businesses in countless industries.

Even if your organisation has been on an impressive growth trajectory, a new digital transformation strategy that focuses on CRM may be required to make sure that you stay competitive.

Moving to a new CRM system might initially seem daunting as business owners and management teams look to:

  • Grow the business while keeping the lights on
  • Increase productivity
  • Balance innovation with execution
  • Create personalised customer experiences
  • Run effective marketing campaigns
  • Protect data in line with EU regulations (GDPR)

This is where modern CRM technology comes in.

With the right solution, and a carefully planned implementation, you can propel your business forward to grow in a sustainable way.

Or, gain insight into how you can identify strategies to take a disruptive and incisive grip on your marketplace.

This can be achieved with Microsoft Dynamics 365 and Preact.

Break down the silos between your business processes and applications with Microsoft Dynamics 365 cloud applications that connect data, drive intelligent decisions and outcomes, and transform your processes from end to end.

Use a single platform to manage all your business processes that includes Sales, Customer Service, Field Service, Financials & Operations, Project Service Automation and Marketing.

As a leading Microsoft CRM Gold Partner, Preact implements and supports Dynamics 365 solutions help businesses achieve their growth ambitions.

Contact us to discuss your business growth plans and discover how Microsoft Dynamics 365 and Preact will help you transform your performance. Learn more about our approach

CRM Customer Stories

This selection of five customer stories demonstrate how Microsoft Dynamics 365 and Preact have supported their growth, and successfully improved the experience of their employees and customers:

1. Smarter Processes & Data-Driven Decision-Making

Office design and fit-out company, Area was founded in 1999 and started out using Act! CRM which was installed and configured by Preact. 

We have supported the business ever since as Area has grown and we’ve been at their side as Act! was upgraded and rolled out to other companies in the Fourfront Group before being replaced by Microsoft Dynamics 365. Justin Bass, Special Projects Director at Fourfront Group highlighted how Dynamics 365 is helping them save time and gain new insights into their business:

"We’ve seen a sea change in how we report. Previously this was a manual process and often subjective but it is now entirely based on facts being driven by CRM data

Previously, our directors would spend several hours every month updating our finance team about the timings for on-site work delivered. All this data is now available to Finance in real-time through Dynamics 365 and this alone has saved in excess of 20 hours each month across our companies.  

For the first time in the Group’s history, I’m able to take an accurate group-wide pipeline report into our board meetings.

We now have a unified sales process which is saving us considerable time. This includes integrating Microsoft Dynamics 365 with LinkedIn Sales Navigator so that we can leverage our personal networks to help close out deals.

Dynamics 365 has helped us to connect our processes which gives everyone involved in the sales process clear visibility of the customer journey from lead all the way through to payment.

Fourfront Group has grown from a start-up to a £160m+ business within 20 years and Preact has supported us throughout this time. Their work on this latest project has enabled us to digitally transform our business and this will help us continue our incredible growth.”

2. Increased Customer Satisfaction & Billing Through New Data Insights

Independent cost management consultancy, BCR Associates implemented Microsoft Dynamics 365 to replace Sugar CRM. 

With Preact’s assistance the company saw a series of impressive improvements after just a few months as the company’s IT administrator, Jenny Bicket told us:

"We can now look far more closely at our data thanks to its integration with Power BI which is giving completely new insights into our data that we never imagined were possible.

We have an incredible amount of payment detail coming into Dynamics,” continues Jenny “I use Power BI on a daily basis and this is giving us new insights to forecast sales, analyse renewals, and even to predict when contracts will be signed.

Our main goal was to help us build and maintain profitable long-term relationships and grow the business. We are well on the way to achieving this. We can see from our data that we are working with more clients, we are billing higher values, our customer satisfaction levels are higher and I personally attribute this success to Microsoft Dynamics 365.”

3. Live Big-Screen Reporting of Critical Performance Indicators

In Communication Limited (Incomm) provides bespoke conferencing services to manage high profile, mission critical conference calls for their clients corporate and internal communications. 

Incomm engaged with Preact to implement robust monitoring of its crucial service legal agreements as Sebastian Stungo, Incomm’s CRM administrator explains:

"Our coordinator team need to react quickly when we receive new instructions and enquiries for conferencing events. Improving the monitoring of our service level agreements was an immediate priority. Preact identified and implemented a series of solutions that manage these performance indicators as we require.

The main impact of this is that’s we’re now able to dynamically show real-time performance on a big screen in the office using our CRM data. This flashes up our key metrics to show us what is successful and highlight any areas for attention.

It means our performance data is highly visible and it underlines the progress that Microsoft Dynamics has helped us make.

Previously, we would manually compile performance reports across the team. Now that we have accurate data reported in real-time, Microsoft Dynamics 365 has enabled us to collectively save in excess of 30 hours each week.”

4. Delivering Personalised Experiences with Unified Customer Data

Able Canopies design, manufacture and install canopies and shelters to schools and commercial organisations.

The company was using a mix of unconnected systems which didn’t enable their team to see where they stood with each customer. Tracy Meakins, operations manager at Able Canopies told us how Microsoft Dynamics has enabled them to improve its customer communications by unifying the storage of its data in one system.

"We’ve removed so many bottlenecks from our processes and these now flow much more efficiently without the various disconnects that we previously experienced. 

As an example, it means that when a customer phones us we can find all the information we need in CRM which is helping us to deliver a better service.  Our marketing team are also working with Dynamics to profile our contacts and are using ClickDimensions to good effect to handle our email marketing.”

5. Seamlessly Connecting Sales & Marketing

Drax UK is an independent technology provider of integrated fire protection and alarm management solutions.

The company had been using Act! for many years but its team were finding the application restrictive as Colin Smith, the Sales and Marketing Manager at Drax UK explained:

"Whereas, we previously handled our prospects, quotes and contacts in separate systems, everything is now centrally managed in Dynamics 365.

Our sales team have immediate access to all the information they need via their mobile devices which is stored in Dynamics 365, OneDrive or Sharepoint. For example, wherever our people are I can have a timely commercial discussion with them about an individual opportunity and we can decide on a strategy. This might be to price a deal to win so following the conversation we can quickly finalize and send out the proposal.

Previously our marketing activities were not consistently focused but by aligning our email marketing and social engagements with Dynamics 365 we are discovering new insights about our audience which is helping us segment our lists and better personalise our messages.

Microsoft Dynamics 365 is helping us understand our contact interactions, wherever they occur. It has fully justified our decision to implement the system and has been instrumental in helping us transform our business during the last 12 months.

We are reporting on data we've never previously had, and having information readily available Dynamics 365 has greatly improved communication between our departments."

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