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We provide charity CRM systems for charities and non-profits using Microsoft business applications that enable organisations to expand their social impact.

Preact has been a trusted partner for organisations operating in the third sector since 1993. We deploy and support solutions built on the Microsoft cloud platform, including our Charity Hub application, that help charities achieve positive change and tackle common charity challenges without breaking the bank.

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Why get Preact's CRM for charities?

When implemented effectively, CRM software adds simplicity, greater efficiency and scale to control costs, enhance service and increase constituent engagement. Using a combination of our dedicated Charity Hub app for charities and non-profits, Dynamics 365 and other solutions built on the Microsoft platform, Preact will help your organisation maximise its resources. We provide CRM solutions to achieve the following outcomes.

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Membership management to track your donors, supporters and other constituents.

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Improved efficiency with connected processes to simplify and automate your workflows.

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Unifying data in a secure cloud platform that will provide a single source of truth.

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Boost fundraising with personalised messaging and gift aid declaration tracking.

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Transforming reporting with real-time data insights.

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Support your volunteers with tools that assist their work and help them navigate your processes.

Frequent Charity Challenges

  • Data siloes and security concerns caused by spreadsheets, standalone apps and paper forms
  • Donor churn
  • Lack of transparency across activities
  • Data inconsistencies resulting from manual entries
  • Labour-intensive processes require detailed knowledge of steps and workarounds
  • Demonstrating regulatory and legal compliance

How Preact Can Help You

  • Centralising your data across teams
  • Providing a secure platform that complies with data protection standards and regulatory requirements
  • Simplifying your repeatable processes
  • Reducing manual inputs to ensure data integrity
  • Enabling you to easily report on any activity with views, charts and dashboards
  • Maximising greater value from your supporter base

Our CRM for Charity Solutions

Depending on your requirements, our recommended solution may be one or a combination of Microsoft applications tailored to fit your needs and scalable to support future changes.

Through our consultancy services, we will assess your requirements, share recommendations, complete your configuration, bridge any functionality gaps and provide training to support your deployment.

We are proud to provide CRM for charities such as:

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Discover how Preact's non-profit and charity CRM systems will help advance your digital transformation and increase efficiency.

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CRM software for charities providing a ​single view of each supporter

Move away from spreadsheets and standalone CRM systems for charities to see a coherent view of each supporter.

  • Capture each interaction with your donors, sponsors and members within a unified cloud platform.
  • Track detail about each relationship in one place, from membership status and payment schedules to donation history, communication preferences and more.
  • Integrate CRM with your donation platforms and more to build a complete profile of your customers.

Increase fundraising with connected charity CRM systems

Use connected data stored in a single cloud-based CRM system to easily segment supporters and personalise fundraising communications, such as urgent appeals.

Embedded marketing automation makes it easier to keep donors updated with timely messages to increase engagement and strengthen supporter loyalty.

Advanced case management tools improve every experience

Let our CRM solutions empower agents and volunteers to deliver the best possible experience with powerful case management tools. Efficiently manage enquiries, applications, grants, complaints, DBS and other processes that are critical to your organisation by making each workflow as smooth and consistent as possible.

​Managing your bespoke processes

All our CRM products are customisable, with the flexibility to manage each process and relationship. Preact has developed solutions using native capabilities in Dynamics 365 and Power Apps that include:

  • Helping Mencap and Children's Food Trust manage contract agreements
  • Enabling BEN – The Motor & Allied Trades Benevolent Fund to manage the grants they distribute
  • Empowering agents of The Matthew Project to complete enrolment processes
  • Supporting Age UK Islington's staff and volunteers with their ongoing casework activities
  • Deploying web portals that enable British Gymnastics Foundation to process paperless applications
  • Implementing processes that enable Hearing Dogs for Deaf People to track detailed information about their hearing dogs and puppies, including medical history and training plans

Benefit from Microsoft Tech for Social Impact

Microsoft Tech for Social Impact is committed to building technology solutions for the non-profit sector. It offers affordable and accessible tools to help charities to fulfil their missions.

Contact Preact to understand how you can benefit from this program. We can also explain how our unique take on Microsoft technology will help your charity drive societal impact.

We will support your charity's use of this program to secure grants and discounts across Microsoft cloud products. These include Dynamics 365 Sales Enterprise, Microsoft 365 Business Premium and Power App. There is also a $3,500 annual Microsoft Azure grant for use across Azure solutions and services.

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Preact Surveys for Donations Program

Preact's charitable feedback program ensures we provide ongoing support for charities.

We send feedback invitations as we resolve helpdesk cases, complete projects and more. As well as helping us to understand how we can better serve our clients, we commit to making a charity donation for each completed survey.

Each month, we select a new charity to donate to from the nominations of our clients. We make sure to include both local and national charities.

We know it is important to not only support charities' fundraising campaigns with our CRM. We care about every charity we deal with, and do all we can to help their cause.

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Frequently Asked Questions

Preact deploys and supports applications built within Dynamics 365. Preact also provides our own Charity Hub product. This is built on the same Microsoft cloud platform as Dynamics to offer the same high-quality interface and common data storage. But, Charity Hub runs on a Power Apps license. So it is available at a lower price per user/month in comparison to Dynamics 365, with added discounts for nonprofit organisations.

We understand an NPO (Non Profit Organisation), such as a small charity, needs all the help it can get. Preact and Microsoft offer a reduced rate for charities that qualify. The current pricing includes:

Dynamics 365 Sales Enterprise or Customer Service Enterprise licences for £17.90. D365 Customer Service Professional for £9.40. D365 Sales Professional for £12.30.

All prices quoted are per user/month, excluding VAT. Information about Microsoft's charity eligibility criteria and the process is shown here.

Charities can connect data and modernise processes to improve operational efficiency and reporting. This provides charities with a scalable platform to help them be more responsive to the needs of their beneficiaries. By unifying membership data, our systems help teams segment supporters. This allows message personalisation to announce events, promote fundraising activities and provide updates.

To improve an existing Dynamics 365 system, Preact helps charities install a range of solutions. Frequent examples include self-service web portals, feedback surveys and case management tools. Other examples include systems for applications, marketing automation, reporting, membership renewal and more. We can also integrate tools for event management and volunteer management. If you already use Dynamics, we undertake a system take-on consultancy to identify improvements. The improvements are implemented by our Elevate 365 managed service. This provides continued support throughout our relationship.

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