Why SME Leaders Need to Take the Leap – & Move Beyond Traditional CRM

Making the move to connected business applications is pivotal to ensure ambitious growth plans aren’t scuppered.

We are delighted to announce the launch of a new digital guide for companies looking to prepare their organisation for sustained future growth.

Setting out four tell-tale signs that indicate it’s time for a CRM strategy rethink, Preact’s Playbook for Business Growth with Microsoft Dynamics 365 evaluates how traditional CRM systems can often constrain digital transformation. Due to the limitations of these technologies, it can prove difficult to unify people and processes, or empower staff to access the data or capabilities they need to unleash business growth.

“In today’s dynamic marketplace, successful companies need to be proactive and respond fast. Yet many are working with legacy CRM software that falls short of what’s needed and inhibits their ability to take their business to the next level,” comments Warren Butler, Marketing Director at Preact.

“Integrating modern CRM technologies into the wider organisational ecosystem will help business leaders keep their organisations moving forward – enabling new connected ways of working and smarter processes that are altogether more agile and more customer focused,” he continues.

Research released by American Express and Oxford Economics at the start of the year reveals how UK SMEs have ambitious plans for the next 12 months. Yet survey respondents confirmed that unlocking this revenue growth will depend on their ability to increase operational efficiency (47%) and stay close to changing customer demands (45%).

With UK SMEs pursuing aggressive growth targets, eliminating internal efficiencies and constraints within their business environment is now a top priority. Our new guide has been created to help SME leaders who are looking at a new CRM strategy to meet this challenge.

“Increasing operational scale is a critical factor for every growing business, yet many companies struggle to overcome bottlenecks and stumbling blocks in their processes so often associated with rapid business growth,” says Warren Butler.

“Having helped hundreds of organisations with their transformation initiatives, we’ve distilled our learnings in an easy-to-digest guide that shows how companies can move beyond traditional CRM systems by implementing Microsoft Dynamics 365 to redefine how their business performs,” comments Warren.

Exploring how organisations can take advantage of Dynamics 365 connected business applications to boost their customer engagement capabilities, the guide sets out the practical steps business leaders can take to ensure their next CRM implementation delivers on every front for all stakeholders.

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