Why Create Custom Apps to Simplify Dynamics 365 and Improve User Experience

Custom Apps for Dynamics 365

Why Create Custom Apps?

An individual Dynamics 365 application can become cluttered and difficult to navigate when managing the various functions, teams, and processes. For instance, some user groups may require views, dashboards and custom entities which aren't relevant to others. Business processes may also vary between teams and can confuse others.

When the site map becomes crowded, it makes it harder for users to find the necessary information and can impact efficiency in completing tasks.

Custom apps are the perfect way to simplify what different teams within your organisation can access in your Dynamics 365 environment.

Shorten Site Maps for Dynamics 365 Apps

What Are Dynamics 365 Custom Apps?

Custom apps package up particular processes and data held in your Dynamics 365 environment for different user needs. Rather than having every entity, dashboard and form available in the main Dynamics 365 app for everyone to use, you can be selective and group unique sets of processes depending on app users.

Each custom app can be used on desktop and mobile devices, and be made available for mobile offline.

Browse Custom Apps in Dynamics 365

Creating Custom Apps

Administrators can go into the app designer and create as many or as few apps as required. The same tile-based designer easily allows admins to adjust components within an app. Regardless of how many apps are used, all data is stored in Dataverse using the same cloud environment.

    Dynamics 365 Custom App Considerations:

    • App details

    Each app can have a different name, image and description to help users distinguish which one to use. As you map more processes to Dynamics, these can be managed within lean custom apps which avoids adding more complexity to existing applications.

    Adjust Details for Custom Apps
    • Site map

    Define the app's navigation by updating the site map to add or remove items as appropriate. Group similar processes and focus on what users need to access. This allows unnecessary elements to be removed from the site map to speed up users' ability to navigate Dynamics 365.

    • Components

    Through a refined selection of tables, views, dashboards, processes, and forms, custom apps offer greater flexibility to provide a tailored experience by focusing on the specific data that matters to these workgroups.

    Use the Site Map Designer for Custom Apps
    • Search Options

    Administrators will determine which Dataverse tables can be queried within the app. For example, an Invoices entity may not be a part of the custom app site map, but these rows can still be used within an advanced find query. This keeps the workspace tidy whilst still giving users the flexibility to access broader data within the application.

    Demonstrating Custom Apps

    Watch our video to see an overview of how to create Dynamics 365 Custom Apps.

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