What's New in Dynamics 365 Web Portals

Recent Microsoft updates have added further web portal capabilities for Dynamics 365 v9.0 users.

If you've already deployed a D365 web portal, several of these items are new features that can be enabled. If you haven't yet used implemented your portal, these are further reasons to do so and provide your customers and other stakeholders with a valuable self-service resource.  

Search Knowledge Base Attachments

Portal search results are made more relevant by finding matching search terms in knowledge base attachments.

By enabling searches within an attachment, portal users can more easily find answers and solutions in PDF's, Word documents and other files that are attached to knowledge posts.

A further option adds 'Downloads' as a new record type to portal search results enabling users to browse all document attachments that have been set as searchable.

These capabilities must first be enabled by D365 admins (requires v9.0 or higher).

GDPR & Accessibility

New controls are available that prompt new web portal visitors to accept your terms and conditions.

This text can detail the usage of your portal, how data is processed, link to your privacy policy and make sure that you are compliance from a GDPR standpoint.

When terms and conditions are enabled, this text is managed in content snippets to include the main body of text, headings and acceptance statement. 

Portal T&C enforcement can be date-based. For example, if terms are subsequent changed, administrators can use a new control that will prompt all portal users to accept these when they next log-in. 

Further accessibility controls enable administrators to block portal usage by minors, or enable this subject to parental consent. 

Portal Auditing

To ensure that user actions, including T&C acceptance, are correctly recorded new portal auditing capabilities can be enabled. These will distinguish from updates by system users and uses Office audit logging to feeds into the Office 365 security and compliance centre.  

Change Portal URL

Once a portal is provisioned the base URL can now be edited as required...READ MORE

New Portals Management Experience

The Dynamics 365 Portals app provides a new experience to configure and manage your online platform. When you install Dynamics 365 Portals solution version 9.0 and higher, the Dynamics 365 Portals app, built on the Unified Interface framework, is created out-of-the-box.


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