What's New in Act! CRM v20.1

Swiftpage has released a v20.1 update for Act! featuring some impressive improvements to manage more business processes within the application.

Outlook Integration

First up, Act! v20.1 has the next generation of integration for Outlook with compatibility for Office 365 and Exchange.  These newly supported platforms provide additional flexibility, access options and control for calendar and contact sync.

New Sync Management

Previously, Act! would require users to define a sync set of contacts that would be synchronised. In v20.1 this process is greatly simplified by enabling users to choose existing Act! groups in their database that should be synchronised.

The Sync Scheduler has changed in v20.1 with new settings for defining Outlook auto-sync processes when the computer starts, or running in real-time when records change.

This also introduces in a new Sync Timer to better control this process and minimise the impact of sync on performance whereby Outlook sync can only be carried out between defined start and end times.

Google Integration

Act's integration with Google also gets an overhaul in v20.1.

New integration preferences enable individual users to request a new Google OAuth Token that will authorise Google to sync data with Act! and now includes Calendar sync.

In the same way that Outlook sync sets can be defined using Act! groups the same applies for the process to synchronise contacts with Google.

In summary, Act! can be synchronised with Outlook, Office 365, Exchange and Google accounts for all contacts, or by Act! group. As well as 2-way sync between Act! and Outlook / Google, 1-way sync can be applied from Act! to Outlook / Google or to sync Google / Outlook to Act! 

Microsoft Office Integration

Act! v20.1 uses the latest Office integration technology and Office merge methods to provide an improved mail merge process that will include images and resolve issues with embedded image defects.

Further MS Office integration improvements are made with a new, native email history recording process.

In v20.1, Act! uses different plug-in technology to write history entries directly to Act! on send, or when using Act! Contact, or Quick Attach.

If an email fails to attach an error message will now appear and this is written to the Windows Event Viewer for viewing any historical issues.

When using the Quick Attach feature, a new window will appear confirming if email addresses are matched to existing contacts in your Act! database.

Act! Insight

Customisation is a new component to the Act! Insight view.

Users can create custom Insight charts and report using all Act! entities, reporting-based fields, and custom fields with new options to filter on custom charts and drill down into the Act! detail view behind each chart from dashboards.

In Act! Premium v20.1, individual Insight charts can now be created as PDF documents.

Act! Insight dashboards are exclusively available to active Act! Premium subscribers.

Act! Companion

Also exclusive to Act! Premium subscribers, the Act! Companion mobile app now includes Opportunities enabling users to manage their pipeline from anywhere. View opportunities in new list or detail views, and easily create, update, close, or delete opportunities on the go.

Custom Tables

Custom Tables Manager brings ground breaking adaptability to Act! that enables users to manage complex data sets.

Custom Tables now let customers make Act! truly specific to your industry and work practice. 

New tables can be integrated into  existing Act! data, allowing you to manage different types of data such as: support cases, contracts, applications, orders, projects, vehicles, software licences and many more.

Associate individual table entries to Act! contacts, companies, opportunities and groups for a relational structure and easy reference. Further options include:

  • Parent : child relationships between custom table entities
  • Sequential rules to populate a field with the next number in a sequence when creating a record
  • Cascading / Dependent Dropdowns make available values in a dropdown list depend on the value of another field. 
  • Get started quickly by adapting predefined industry layout templates
  • Easily display the data the way you want with Quick Filters, Group, advanced queries and conditional formatting controls

Custom Tables are huge addition to Act! and this is something that we've wanted to see in the application for a long while so it's great to see Swiftpage finally deliver this functionality!


Custom Tables Manager is available to active subscribers of the new Act! Premium Plus product. Existing Act! Premium subscribers can purchase an upgrade to the new Premium Plus product.

Contact us to learn more about Act! Premium Plus, Custom Tables or any of the other improvements in Act! v20.1.

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