What's Included with Microsoft Dynamics 365 Sales Enterprise Licence?

Dynamics 365 for Sales Enterprise Licence

If you are considering implementing Dynamics 365, or if your organisations is already using the application, it's useful to know what features and entitlements are included to help you maximise value. In this post, we are focusing on the Sales Enterprise licence.

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The Sales Enterprise licence provides access to the pre-packaged Dynamics 365 sales app which includes:

Features & CapabilitiesD365 for Sales Enterprise
Accounts, Contacts, Activities & Notes
Dashboards & Charts
Mobile & Tablet Apps
Lead & Opportunity Management
Guided Sales Processes
Quotes, Orders & Invoices
Products & Price Lists
Sales Goals
Create Cases
Marketing Lists
Quick Campaigns
Knowledge Posts
Unlimited Custom Entities


Track emails and check contact interactions from virtually any device with Outlook. For example, use the Outlook app to create a new Dynamics 365 contact from an email, track emails to any record type in Dynamics, look-up relationship information from an email and view contextual records from emails including recent activities and open opportunities. 


Dynamics 365 for Sales Enterprise includes entitlement to deploy integrated self-service PowerApps web portals and enable internal usage at no additional cost. External users are licensed by usage per login for authenticated users and / or by page views for anonymous users. Pre-built templates are available for customer, partner and employee scenarios. READ MORE


Since 1 April 2019, new Dynamics 365 agreements including Sales Enterprise have received the following:

Common Data Service for Apps Database Capacity: 10 GB
Transactional database storage for entity definitions and record data.

Common Data Service for Apps File Capacity: 20 GB
Capacity to store attachments for notes or emails in D365 Customer Engagement apps and PowerApps. This can include Word documents, image files, PDF files, spread sheets, videos and other business files.

Common Data Service for Apps Log Capacity: 2 GB
Separate storage capacity for audit logs will track record and attribute data changes. This includes field value record updates, previous values, security role updates,  data / time of access.

Additional storage entitlements will accrue for each additional Sales Enterprise user as follows:

  • CDS for Apps Database Capacity: @ 250 MB per user
  • CDS for Apps File Capacity: @ 2 GB per user
  • CDS for Apps Log Capacity: n/a

Read more about storage for Dynamics 365.


New production or sandbox instances can be created provided at least 1 GB of CDS for Apps Database Capacity is available. Each additional Dynamics environment created will consume at least 1 GB of Database Capacity.


Microsoft Forms Pro (replacing the deprecated Voice of the Customer) enables surveys and polls to be easily created that can collect customer feedback, measure satisfaction, and organise events. Use Forms Pro to create, distribute and analyse integrated surveys across Dynamics 365, Office 365 and Microsoft Business Apps.

Dynamics 365 for Sales Enterprise includes entitlement to Forms Pro with capacity for 2000 survey responses per month / tenant. Additional capacity can be purchased for an add-on cost.


A free connector brings together Dynamics and Sales Navigator providing a unified solution with relevant, actionable insights for sales professionals. In bringing relationship detail together the connector helps sales users focus on the right prospects, personalise engagements and expand relationships with insights.

(Requires Sales Navigator Team or Enterprise)


This covers a suite of features which continuously analyse customer-interaction data stored in Dynamics 365 for Sales and Microsoft Exchange, to help sales professional better understand their business relationships, evaluate activities and choose the next best action.

This includes a relationship assistant that analyses daily actions and communications and uses these to drive contextual insights through action cards which help sales team focus on what’s important today. 


Dynamics 365 Sales Enterprise includes PowerApps Plan 2 entitlement to create, extend and customise applications.  Apps can be created to run on a standalone basis, or embedded within Dynamics 365 forms.  


Enables workflows and process to be automated between multiple cloud apps and service to handle approvals, deliver notifications, look-up data, add conditions and perform many more actions. D365 Sales Enterprise includes entitlement for Flow Plan 2 to run as many as 15,000 Flows per user / month that are pooled across a tenant.


Apply the concept of fantasy sports to increase user participation and employee motivation.


The UK commercial price of Microsoft Dynamics 365 Sales Enterprise totals £71.60+VAT per user / month as a base application. Separate pricing for Dynamics 365 is available for charities, educational and public organisations. The Sales Enterprise is also available as an attachment licence and in these scenarios is priced at £15.10+VAT per month.

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ADD-ON: Sales Insights

Delivering AI driven insights from data in Dynamics and Office 365.

Through a combination of analytics and data science on top of Dynamics with Office data, Sales Insights helps leaders answer their most important business questions. This proactively monitors data and uses machine learning to provide insights that helps sales managers:

  • Lead proactively: by understanding sales performance through interactive reports across KPIs, pipeline and deals.
  • Coach effectively: by using resources based on seller engagement and productivity metrics.

The Sales Insights an add-on for Dynamics 365 Sales is priced at £37.70+VAT per user / month.

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