What is the Social Selling Assistant for Dynamics 365?

Microsoft Social Engagement helps sales teams discover insights from social posts and identify follow-up actions.

Recent Social Engagement updates for Dynamics 365 have seen the introduction of intent tags that use machine learning to highlight posts when buying signals or requests for information are identified.

Sales users can use personalised feeds to review posts that match these intent triggers and create these as new lead records in Dynamics 365.

Now freely available on Microsoft AppSource, the new Social Selling Assistant uses extended machine learning capabilities to give sales users a personalised feed of post recommendations to share knowledge and grow their network.

By reviewing this list for a few minutes each day enables sales users to discover and share posts that are of interest. The Social Selling Assistant monitors the social accounts and topics that matter to you to help individuals increase their social presence and earn trust by sharing content and participating in conversations. 

How to Install the Social Selling Assistant

How to configure Social Engagement for the Social Selling Assistant

Once the app is configured, it appears as a new tile in the Social Engagement navigation menu: 

...or the Social Selling Assistant can be embedded in a Dynamics 365 dashboard:

In this example, the Social Selling Assistant has recommended 15 posts, these can include:

  • Trending Posts – that have been frequently shared which match selected search terms
  • Owned Posts – shared by the user’s organisation
  • Promoted Posts – tagged by another Social Engagement user
  • Recommended Posts – from machine learning that reflects personal usage patterns

Individual users can customise the list using icons in the top bar:

This includes an option to sort items by date or recommended reason and to refresh the view with new recommended post.

The personalize option controls the type of posts that will be recommended in the Social Selling Assistant:

  • Share Content - cherry pick which Social Engagement individual topics / search terms and accounts you want to receive recommendations about
  • Get Insights - select a Social Engagement category and receive smart recommendations about the topics within this group - for example your top customers, competitor social accounts or industry social feeds 
  • Social Profiles - choose which of your social profiles you want to use to share content and receive recommendations about

As mentioned above, Social Engagement users can flag posts which are promoted to others in the Social Selling Assistant:

In the example below, the Social Selling Assistant is updating the user about an 'owned' post which has been shared on the organisation’s Twitter account.

From this expanded view, the user can:

  • Retweet or Like the post on their Twitter account configured with Social Engagement
  • Directly open the post in Twitter – or copy a link to clipboard
  • Share the post on a Facebook page that is configured with Social Engagement
  • Click ‘not interested’ to remove it from the list – this will also send a signal that helps to improve the relevance of posts recommended by the machine learning algorithm
  • Click ‘done’ to remove this post from recommendation list and take no further action

We hope you find the Social Selling Assistant is a great way to help you sell and increase your personal network by leveraging machine learning and social media.

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