What Is The Professional Licence For Dynamics 365 Customer Service

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As part of its October 2018 release, Microsoft introduced a new Customer Service licence for users who don't need the full set of features offered by the main Dynamics 365 Enterprise licence.

In the same way that Dynamics 365 Sales Professional delivers core sales capabilities so the new Customer Service Professional introduces a slimmed down experience at a lower price point compared to Customer Service Enterprise.

Microsoft define the two Customer Service licences as follows:

  • Dynamics 365 Customer Service Enterprise goes beyond core support functionality and meets the needs of more complex customer service processes.
  • Dynamics 356 Customer Service Professional is for customers with less complex service requirements who need streamlined capabilities to provide core support functionality.

Before looking at the differences between these, let's start with the core features and capabilities shared by both licence types:

User numbers

Neither the Professional nor Enterprise licence are subject to any minimum or maximum user licence numbers.

Available in Customer Service Enterprise & Professional

For either licence, users will have access to create and manage all the following entities and processes in Dynamics 365: Cases, Contracts, Entitlements, Service Level Agreements, Contacts, Accounts and Facilities / Equipment. This also includes capability to create new Lead records using a Customer Service Pro or Enterprise licence.

Both licence types provide full access to the Customer Service Hub.

Finally, both sales apps offer the same functionality for connecting Dynamics 365 with Outlook, Excel and Power BI as well as accessing the app via mobile and tablet apps.

Limited Capabilities in Customer Service Professional

While Customer Service Enterprise provides unrestricted use rights, the Customer Service Professional is limited to a maximum of 15 custom entities.

Further caps using Customer Service Professional cover:

  • Dashboards & Charts - limited to a maximum of 5 per entity / table
  • Personal Forms & Views - limited to a maximum of 2 per entity / table
  • Define & Customise Business Processes - limited to a maximum of 5 per entity / table
  • Define & Configure Queues - limited to a maximum of 15

Customer Service Enterprise licences provide unlimited usage across these processes.

Excluded from Customer Service Professional

The following functions and services are not available with a Customer Service Professional. These will only be accessible for the Customer Service app which is licences with Enterprise licence, or in some instances can be activated with an add-on purchase:

  • Dynamics 365 Customer Voice survey response capacity
  • Embedded intelligence / AI
  • Capability to run Power Apps in the same environment
  • Configure Teams and Business Units
  • Configure and view the Schedule Board
  • Accrue additional cloud storage per user

Licence Rights

It is not possible to mix and match Customer Service Professional and Enterprise licences within the environment of Dynamics 365 Online.

Other licensing options include the Team Member to read any data stored in Dynamics 365 and undertake light usage tasks.

Finally, dual usage rights between Dynamics 365 on-premise and cloud are only granted to Customer Service Enterprise licences. Professional licences are only available for a cloud deployment.

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