New Voice Channel for Dynamics 365 Customer Service

Voice Channel for D365 Blog Post

Microsoft has announced a new native voice channel, built on Microsoft Azure Communications Services, will expand omnichannel capabilities for Dynamics 365 Customer Service.

Now generally available, users can provide a consistent, personalised end-to-end service to customers across all channels.

The additional channel will feed into the same call platform used by Microsoft Teams to more easily integrate natural language processing and transcripts with Microsoft's existing AI-powered tools. By picking up on words in a conversation, this will enable sentiment analysis, and similar case and knowledge article suggestions, and enable agents to lean on built-in AI capabilities to resolve customer issues faster.

The new voice channel will work alongside with existing Microsoft AI tools that already handle channels such as web chat, SMS and social messaging, within a single solution.

In many organisations, telephony and CRM are disconnected, resulting in disconnected insights across customer interactions and agent performance. The new voice channel for Dynamics 365 Customer Service will reduce the need for bespoke telephony integrations and increases the ability of service teams to provide better customer experiences. Microsoft also says this will provide clearer insights into satisfaction trends across all channels with advanced topic clustering.

Introducing Voice for Dynamics 365 Customer Service

The new functionality will also extend the boundaries of Microsoft’s Power Virtual Agents. How the bots are able to screen conversations with customers on platforms such as Facebook Messenger and web chats, they will be able to answer the line when customers first call in and use “skill-based routing” to direct customers to the best service agents for their case. Throughout this process, the entire conversation is transcribed so when the call is passed on to a service agent, they can quickly read the notes and be able to swiftly deal with the case.

The AI-driven assistance displays real-time suggestions with interaction data, knowledge articles and similar cases. This allows services to concentrate on each customer, and provide a personal experience, rather than multitasking on note taking and searching.

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Service managers can see a dashboard populated with trends and insights based on the rich data collected from every customer engagement that will now include the new voice channel. This enables issues which are repeatedly appearing in cases to be identified and addressed so proactive action can be taken to minimise the impact on service delivery.

With Dynamics 365 processing conversation data across all channels, including voice, and using AI to topic cluster, it promises to create a truly omnichannel experience and provide a holistic view.

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Benefits of using Dynamics 356 Customer Service:

  • All digital, voice and case data in one place
  • Omnichannel analytics and insights
  • No voice integrations required*
  • Secure in the cloud – allow employees to work from anywhere

* From 2021. A range of third-party partners which have well established connectors for Dynamics 365 will still be available.

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