Grow Email Lists with Click Dimensions Sign-Up Forms & Dynamics CRM

Connecting CRM with an email marketing or marketing automation solution enables signup forms to be embedded into your website to discover new leads that will be imported into your CRM database.

When designing a sign-up form it's often a challenge to determine which fields should be included.

If your web visitors perceive there are too many fields to complete they may conclude it’s not worth the effort, or they may feel they're being asked too much information upfront simply to join a mailing list.

On the flipside if you opt for a streamlined form that only consists of an email address, or one or two additional fields, it will present a challenge to segment your data, and ultimately personalize your messages due to the lack of data available.

Once you collect registration details there's another challenge to ensure this data remains accurate in order to minimise the degradation of your list quality.

In this post I’ll begin by using the example of Click Dimensions and its integration with Microsoft Dynamics CRM to demonstrate how its form management capabilities capture new leads.


Before creating a new form in Click Dimensions all the fields that will be used must first be mapped from CRM.

In this example I’ve already defined a series of fields for an email form and these have been mapped to the relevant CRM contact and/or lead fields. In this instance CRM will create a new sign-up as a lead record.

The layout of the sign-up form is determined by dragging a selection of fields and form components from the list on the right of the page.

Form components include HTML blocks which enable additional text and images to be inserted into the form. Other components include line spacing and captcha form verification.

In this example I’ve created a fairly short form that consists of three mandatory fields and one optional postcode field with two form components:

The completed sign-up form is shown below:

The form can be embedded within your company website by inserting some automatically generated code into a new page using your site content management system. This has the advantage placing the form within your site layout that includes your branding and menu navigation.

A separate confirmation page should also be added that web visitors will see once they complete the form.


Once a signup form has been completed the information is automatically added to CRM as a posted form record. In line with the preference setting a new CRM lead record has also been created.

The detail of the posted form record lists the individual fields that have been completed and applied to CRM.

By using Click Dimensions with Dynamics CRM a list of every field that has been updated from all forms is also shown in a posted field list. This is useful view to verify the data quality that is coming back into CRM to correct any spelling mistakes or formatting errors:

Click Dimensions Posted Fields and Posted Forms are both accessible from the CRM Marketing menu. Form data can also be accessed from individual contact and lead records.


In addition to the above steps further actions can be triggered when a new sign-up form is completed and here's where an integrated solution will make a BIG improvement to your marketing processes.

Using the Click Dimensions as an example open the sign-up form designer and select actions.

In the same way that web form fields and components are dragged across to design the form layout from this screen a series of automated actions can be applied when a new sign-up form is completed:

For this example I’ve applied three automated actions:

Send an email alert to a specific CRM user when a sign-up form is completed
Add the new lead to a CRM marketing list to ensure they’ll receive future campaigns
Assign the lead to a named CRM user e.g. new business manager

Further Click Dimensions sign-up form actions include:

• Send an auto responder email.
• Email a team of CRM users
• Create a Dynamics CRM campaign response
• Schedule a follow up activity

By having CRM working in combination with a marketing automation solution like Click Dimensions to automate these actions it creates so many possibilities to engage and convert new leads.

For example this could include:

  • Using an auto responder to send a welcome email with an introductory offer, share an eBook or another resource, or send a copy of your latest newsletter when people sign up.
  • Add leads to a marketing list which automatically places them into a nurture campaign that sends a series of messages to feed these leads a series of messages recommending them to take the next step

That next step might be to encourage the individual to share more information about themselves enabling your organisation to send personalised messages using content that reflects their known interests and preferences.

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