Can Emojis Improve The Dynamics 365 User Experience?

Improving the appearance of record forms in Microsoft Dynamics 365 will very likely contribute to a better experience for end users and make their jobs easier.

Dynamics 365 forms often contain a lot of text for users to absorb and a few visual aids might help individuals respond more quickly. 

Some in the D365 community have shared examples of how emojis can be applied to field labels and values to improve the appearance of these and a hat tip to Megan Walker and Dan Hesketh for their great examples. 

These customisations can easily be applied so in this post we've shared some further examples to help you assess if these would be appropriate for your own instance of Dynamics 365.

Firstly, you need to source some emojis. We took our examples from Twitter by copying these from a draft tweet but there are plenty of freely available libraries.

In this example, we've pasted an emoji prefix to an email field label on the contact record form:

Switching to the record form the email icon is now shown on field label:

Emojis can also be added to option-set fields, as well as the new multi-select option sets.

In this example below, we've added a series of contextual emoji prefixes to value options for the Contact Type field to reflect each role:

These visuals may prove especially useful when reviewing field values in a list view:

Where emojis have been applied to option set they will also be shown within an advanced find query:

The main restriction that we have encountered is that emojis won't be displayed within a Dynamics 365 chart:

When it comes to ranking something it's hard to beat a star rating and emojis can be very useful within a Dynamics 365 list view to demonstrate this.

Potentially this could be used to grade the interest level of a lead, or the probability of a sales opportunity.

In example below, we've used emojis within a feedback process. Multiple stars have been applied to the option sets available for a 'ratings set' field on the basis that more stars equates to the best rating.

At a glance, users can interpret how each feedback record has been scored perhaps more quickly compared to a regular list view with purely text based option-sets:

Whether emojis improve the user experience will undoubtedly depend on your preferences but hopefully this has provided you with some good examples to test and evaluate within your own Dynamics 365 instance or sandbox. 

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