Updating Dynamics 365 Sitemaps with the PowerApps Site Designer

For each Dynamics 365 app, a sitemap controls which entities and other items are displayed to end users.

Since v9, a new designer has been rolled out creating a better admin experience that includes new controls to precisely manage the layout and structure of these items.

Each Dynamics environment comes with a default site map. To customise this, the new sitemap designer is managed in PowerApps with drag and drop controls to easily change the layout. 

The three core components in each sitemap are:

  • Areas - such as Sales, Project, ClickDimensions, etc
  • Group - containing all the subareas shown within an area
  • Subarea - links to views and entities such as dashboards, leads, cases and activities

Clicking the properties tab from any item that has been dropped onto the designer canvas enables customisations to be applied.

For example, for an area apply an icon that will appear while subareas can be configured to reference an entity, URL, dashboard or web resource as well as default dashboard. 

Get in touch to find out more about the new sitemap designer and how this provides administrators with greater flexibility to streamline and declutter Dynamics sitemaps in comparison to the legacy XRM Tool Box editor.

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