Update to Dynamics 365 Portal Entitlement

In its October 2018 licensing guide for Dynamics 365, Microsoft has made a change to the entitlement rules for integrated web portals.

With the new licensing agreement, portal entitlement is increased to a minimum of 10 full licences of Dynamics 365 Customer Engagement Plan, or standalone applications (namely Sales Enterprise, Customer Service Enterprise, Field Service &/or Project Service), or a combination of these. Previously this was defined as 5 full licences.

Team Member and Professional licences for the Sales or Customer Service apps do not count towards this total.

We've listed a selection of examples to demonstrate the Dynamics 365 portal entitlement with the new licensing rules:

Will automatically receive access to one included Dynamics 365 web portal: 

A Dynamics 365 tenant licensed with:

  • 10 x Dynamics 365 Sales Enterprise app users
  • 8 x Sales Enterprise and 2 x Customer Service Enterprise app users 
  • 10 x Customer Engagement Plan users

The following examples would NOT automatically receive access to one Dynamics 365 web portal:

  • 5 x Sales Enterprise app users + 5 x Team Member licences (fewer than 10 full licences as Team Member licences do not count towards the 10 user minimum)
  • 8 x Customer Engagement Plan users (fewer than 5 full licences)
  • 10 x Sales Professional licences (only Sales Enteprise licences are counted)

In instances where customers have fewer than 10 full user licenses of Dynamics 365, the portal add-on can be purchased. This will then enable an integrated portal to be applied for a customer service, partner, community, or custom scenario.

Existing Customers

Existing Dynamics 365 customers won't be impacted by the licensing change until the renewal of their agreement. 

For customers that have 10, or more, full Dynamics 365 licences there isn't any change. In instances where existing customers have fewer than 10 users on their Dynamics 365 tenant upon renewal and want to deploy, or continue using, the Dynamic 365 integrated portal this solution will need to purchased as an add-on subscription. 

Please don't hesitate to contact us if you have any questions about Dynamics 365 portals, or you have any other licensing questions.


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