Upcoming Unified Interface Improvements for Marketing Lists & Quick Campaigns

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Within the Dynamics 365 Unified Interface, the advanced find window has appeared identical to the legacy web interface. That's because Microsoft initially deployed advanced find as a hybrid experience for the new UI whereby records would be opened in the new interface but the query interface was unchanged.

However, change is coming with the roll out of a new unified experience for managing members of marketing lists that will replace the hybrid mode.

As an example of the new advanced find query interface:

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To add individual or bulk members using the advanced find search criteria, the updated UI will appear as follows:

2 New Ui Expw

Microsoft says this update will arrive for UK customers in mid-April.

Prior to this release, a series of bug fixes will be delivered for marketing lists and campaign functions, these include:

  • "Add existing marketing list" button was not working in associated view for marketing lists on campaign activities
  • Certain versions of Internet Explorer produce an error when using "Add to Marketing List" for accounts, contacts, and leads
  • Users can’t close campaign activities on certain versions of Internet Explorer
  • "Created by" field was not set correctly when copying dynamic lists to static
  • "Copy marketing list" didn't work for list views that don't contain the column "Marketing list member type"

Look further ahead, another update will see changes to Quick Campaigns.

This will see the relationship to members, send failures and other related information changing to a regular N:N relationship to better leverage the capabilities of the Unified Interface.

A new form will be introduced to clearly show the total number of successes and failures within the sub-grid.

For Quick Campaigns and Campaign Activities, a dedicated Audiences tab will show a series of sub-grids that cover selected members for each campaign together with failed deliveries as well as excluded accounts, contacts and leads.

The new Unified Interface form provides fixes for sub-grids and will correctly open members and show failures. Going forward the new form will become the default form but initially users will need to enable this in the form selector.

The legacy web client interface is deprecated as of September 2019 for Dynamics 365 Online. Microsoft says this will no longer be available from 1 December 2020 and customers must transition to the Unified Interface as soon as possible...READ MORE

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