Tracking Monthly Portal Logins

With Dynamics 365 portals transitioning to Power Apps web portals these will be licensed based on the number of external user logins each month.

However, if your organisation has already deployed a Dynamics 365 self-service portal you might not be aware of this usage because inbuilt reporting for this metric hasn't been shown in Dynamics or the Power Apps admin centre.

To address this, and help administrators license their portal using the new model, Preact has created a solution that tracks each unique portal login and reports this activity through a new dashboard.

Using this insight, Dynamics 365 customers are able to get an indication of the portal usage capacity that will be needed once transitioned to the new Power Apps licensing model.

How it works

Our solution involves a workflow created in Power Automate (previously Microsoft Flow) which acts as an API. This is easily called from the web portal using a few lines of JavaScript enabling authenticated logins to be tracked and reported in Dynamics 365.

In line with the new portal licensing model, this process will check to see if a contact has previously logged in during the last 24 hours. If they haven't, a unique portal login record will be created.

Activity will also be tracked on the associated contact record using a 'Portals Login' entity. 

This lists each unique login per contact enabling the frequency of access to be reviewed and identify the most active portal users.

Using the Dynamics 365 dashboard included in our solution, portal administrators can easily check the volume of external users logging in each day and month.

Reporting Portal Logins Per Month

Contact us if you are interested in using this solution to track external usage of your Dynamics 365 web portal or if you have any questions about licensing Power Apps portals. 

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