The Future Is Here! Microsoft Remote Assist General Availability

As part of its major update for Business Applications, Microsoft has confirmed the general availability of Remote Assist from 1 October.

Perfect for field service and training scenarios, Microsoft Remote Assist increases collaboration with heads-up, hands-free video calling, image sharing and mixed reality annotations. 

Field service and other first-line workers use HoloLens to connect with an expert on Microsoft Teams and share what they see, while staying hands on to resolve problems by implementing suggested actions and completing tasks together.

This solution has prominently featured in Microsoft's recent summits. To see an example of this exciting new technology in action take a look at this quick demonstration.

 Remote Assist is a subscription app priced on a per user / month basis. This will also require:

  • A Microsoft Hololens
  • Office 365 Business Premium or Essentials subscription
  • To make a video call, you’ll need a contact using the latest version of Microsoft Teams on a PC running Windows 10
  • An web connection

During a public preview, Microsoft Remote Assist offered the following capabilities on HoloLens:

Make and receive calls

  • Start a video call with experts and co-workers on Microsoft Teams video
  • Receive a video calls using Microsoft Teams.
  • Pin your video card or have it follow you around as you move during a call

Collaborate and annotate

  • Place arrows, draw and insert images into your space during video calls
  • Change the color of your arrows and ink
  • View arrows, drawings and images from remote experts using Microsoft Teams desktop
  • Erase or undo annotations at any time

In Microsoft Teams on a PC desktop

  • Make and receive calls from someone using Remote Assist on a HoloLens
  • Create annotations from your desktop into the Remote Assist user’s world
  • Share your screen and present information to the HoloLens user in a mixed reality environment

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