An A-Z Guide of ClickDimensions Marketing for Dynamics 365


ClickDimensions is the most popular marketing solution for Microsoft Dynamics 365 with a vast range of capabilities beyond core email marketing.

This adds easy to use specialist tools for all-in-one CRM and marketing automation that helps teams increase productivity and achieve marketing goals.

To demonstrate its breadth we've shared our ClickDimensions A - Z guide:

A: Automation

Implement automated campaigns that are triggered when events occur to send timely messages contextual to these scenarios. Further automated processes that help marketing teams increase scale include auto-responder emails that are sent when forms are posted, scheduling follow-up activities and notifying account owners when important actions are tracked.

B: Bounce Tracking

Every bounce-back resulting from a marketing email is visible in Dynamics 365 helping teams improve data quality by removing contacts from active lists where a hard bounce has resulted and prompting the correction of obvious typos. Soft email bounces covering out of office replies can also be actioned by resending these messages to target contacts upon their return.


A CNAME is an alias for your website’s domain that is used for branding links. By using a CNAME your email links, forms and landing page URLs will be branded to reflect your business name.

D Drag & Drop Editor

Quickly create email templates and campaign messages with drag-and-drop tools to set a layout and then add text, images, spacing and social links. There's no need to use code! Individual templates can be cloned and updated with fresh content while important content blocks such as branding and conditions can be locked and protected. Use ClickDimensions' inbox preview feature to see how your email will appear in a variety of desktop and mobile email clients.

E: Email Marketing

ClickDimensions email marketing is built directly into Dynamics and works with D365 and CRM versions 2013-2016 in online and partner-hosted environments. Easily send a single email to a lead or contact, distribute bulk emails to marketing lists, or trigger emails to send within an automated campaign or workflow.

F: Forms

Integrated web forms are a simple yet highly powerful way to connect marketing processes through Dynamics 365. For example, use integrated web forms to handle your mailing list sign-up processes by automatically adding new contacts to your database. Embed a ClickDimensions form into your 'Contact Us' page that will create new lead record and notify your sales team. Or, use a form to gate a PDF and deliver this resource through an automated email that will also enrol the recipient in an automated campaign. Use CSS to ensure that embedded forms have a consistent look and feel by applying the correct typeface, font size and other formatting preferences.


Consent preferences are captured and recorded in your Dynamics database to help you demonstrate compliance with GDPR. Further controls can be applied to make sure that you only market to contacts who have given their consent.

H: How to get started?

ClickDimensions is widely supported within the Microsoft Dynamics community. In addition to on-boarding services available directly, many partners including Preact provide their own services to help customers deploy the solution and train users. If you have any ClickDimensions questions, or need help, get in touch with our support team. We'll assist with user support, technical consultancy, advice or user training to help you get the most value from the product.

I: Insight

Track the marketing metrics that matter most to you and gain rich actionable insight into performance. This can include following trends in open / click rates, understanding which customers are engaging most with your content - and who isn't. Further analytics can track how many people join your mailing list and which web pages your prospects and customers are looking at.

J: Journeys

Easily configure connected multi-step campaigns that drive engagement throughout each customer and prospect journey. Scenarios can include post-event communications, upgrade campaigns, product launches, welcome messages, re-engagement campaigns, on-boarding, invitations, awareness messaging and retention campaigns. Use intuitive controls to map out each journey that will share personalised content, promote next best actions and notify you as people respond.

K: Keeping lists clean

Connecting all marketing processes to a centralised system makes it easier to manage lists and improve data quality. For example, build double-opt processes that validate addresses, deliver PDF resources by email to verify addresses, enrol disengaged contacts in reactivation campaigns, and as we've highlighted, take action on email hard bounces.

L: Lead Scoring

Quickly assess who are the most engaged contacts based on their email interactions and views of your web pages. Configure scoring settings to automatically apply values when actions are tracked including email clicks, web pages views and submitted forms for a meaningful score calculation.

M: Mobile Messaging

Expand marketing communications beyond email. Use ClickDimensions SMS messaging to send short text messages to leads and contacts in bulk, as part of an automated campaign, or within the context of a Dynamics 365 workflow. SMS messaging requires a separate subscription.

N: Nurturing

The most popular type of automated campaign is a lead nurture. Use the ClickDimensions campaign builder to share content with prospects over several day, weeks or months. Sending a sequence of emails, and / or SMS messages, at pre-determined intervals. This will help recipients learn more about your product and advance their buying process.

O: Opens & Clicks

ClickDimensions actively tracks every email open and click action in response to your marketing emails. From each record see at a glance how engaged a contact is and which pages have they viewed. This data can be aggregated and made actionable through engagement metrics for each contact to understand which people are the most / least engaged

P: Pre-header

There are three things that recipients will see when your marketing email hits their inbox: the sender name, subject and pre-header. Setting a pre-header is a useful tactic to extend your subject line and boost open rates through compelling text that will convey your message and compete for inbox attention.

Q: Questions

Solicit feedback, suggestions, ideas and further information from customers by inviting customers to take a survey. Define the questions you want to ask and their format using options that include tick boxes, radio buttons and star ratings. Use the ClickDimensions designer to quickly build your survey and share this with contacts in bulk or distribute within the context of a campaign or workflow. Each question answer is captured in Dynamics 365 and linked back to the originating survey and associated contact.

R: Reporting

Access complete campaign reporting within Dynamics for each email send that includes metrics across opens, clicks, bounces and unsubscribes. Further statistics cover deliverability, conversion tracking, social shares and a click heat map.

S: Social

Social marketing with ClickDimensions allows you to create, schedule and publish social posts from within your Dynamics environment. Connect your social accounts and post updates across Twitter, Facebook and LinkedIn to assess how many clicks result, and which customers engage.

T: Testing

In addition to sending internal test email messages to check for errors, ClickDimensions A/B split testing helps removes guesswork to increase open / click-through rates. Place a subset of your audience into an A/B test to split send strategies across multiple subject lines, sender names or email templates. After a defined time, ClickDimensions will assess which variant performs best and automatically apply this to the remainder of emails sends for this audience.

U: Unsubscribes

Each unsubscribe instruction is automatically written back to Dynamics 365 and any future attempts to email these contacts will be suppressed unless contacts subsequently re-enrol. If you send a mix of content, minimise unsubcribes by enabling recipients to set their content preferences. ClickDimensions web forms and subscription management functions capture these settings so that relevant content can be effectively shared with audience segments to reduce churn.

V: Views

ClickDimensions tracking works across your website to report all views, even if these didn't begin with an email click. Many web page visits will be anonymous but when visitors click a marketing email, or submit a ClickDimensions form, they can be recognised as a lead or contact in Dynamics 365 and these views will be associated to these records with a supporting web score.

W: Webinars

Use the inbuilt connector for GoToWebinar to bring your online event data into Dynamics 365. Each webinar registration will be automatically matched to a contact or lead, or created as a new record to reduce event administration and simplify post-webinar communications. By tracking each registration and attendance a complete webinar history is shown on each contact record enabling complete reporting using standard Dynamics views and charts.

X-Ray Marketing Analysis

With complete marketing data connected to a single system, marketing teams are able to better understand performance, follow recent trends and identify next actions. Transparency across connected email marketing, web forms, surveys, web visits, automated campaigns and other areas, also means that sales and marketing team can be more effectively aligned as this data increasingly drives actions and decisions. This insight also helps marketing leaders improve the quality of their management reports by demonstrating progress and key successes.

Y: Your Audience

Use Dynamics 365 marketing lists to precisely define the audience for bulk marketing emails. Segment contacts and leads using any field criteria to create a static list that contains matching records at the point of creation, or use dynamic rules that will add and remove members in line with these defined rules. Marketing emails and automated campaigns can also be launched directly from contact records on the fly while individual contacts and leads can be added to bulk email sends in addition to marketing lists.

Z: Zero integration

ClickDimensions isn't integrated with Dynamics 365, it's natively built inside the the application. That means there are no integration costs and no hassles synchronising data between systems - just a complete picture of contacts and leads for greater marketing, sales and customer experience success.

To find out more about ClickDimensions, or if you want to implement some of the capabilities that we've covered in this post, please get in touch.

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