Take Two: Microsoft Deprecate Dynamics 365 for Outlook

Microsoft has announced the legacy Dynamics 365 for Outlook (referred to as Outlook COM add-in) is now deprecated.

This was originally deprecated in 2017 but that decision was subsequently reversed in January 2018. Microsoft now says its Dynamics 365 App for Outlook has reached a level of maturity where it is the default option across many organisations due to the features, reliability, and performance.

As a result, it considers the time to be right to announce the deprecation of the Outlook COM Add-in with immediate effect. Online customers will need to transition to the D365 App for Outlook before 1st October 2020.

Support, security and critical updates to the Outlook COM Add-in will continue to be made until October. 

This only applies for Online environments but on-premise customers are recommended to deploy the Dynamics 365 App for Outlook and upgrade from the Outlook COM Add-in at the earliest opportunity.

Dynamics 365 App for Outlook

The modern Dynamics app for Outlook is built on the Unified Interface framework so it is responsive to fit all screen sizes and devices. It is also built using the latest Office add-ins, so it supports Windows and Mac desktops, Android and iOS devices, as well as mainstream browsers.

Further improvements since the legacy Outlook connector include, global search capability, record editing, viewing dashboards and inline relationship insights.

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Next Steps

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