Revolutionary fire-fighting company, Firexo chooses Dynamics 365

Firexo has engineered a global ground-breaking liquid to extinguish all types of fire fast, with no chance of re-ignition. The Firexo mission is to save lives and transform the firefighting industry around the globe.

Electrical, fuel, gas, oil, metals and solid combustible material fires can all be put out with Firexo removing the confusion caused by the lack of knowledge of which extinguisher should be used to put out which type of fire.

Environmentally friendly, the non-toxic liquid is made from natural ingredients and is biodegradable, with a neutral PH. It cools materials to a temperature that they can be safely handled, creates less debris, and requires small volumes to extinguish a fire.

It can also drastically reduce the time it takes to put out any fire. For example, a car fire can take up to an hour and 1,800 litres of water for a fire crew to extinguish, compared to Firexo which in one test put out a car in 53 seconds.

David Breith, CEO and founder of Firexo, says: “The current time frames to put out a fire, whatever type it may be, are too long. The people who have lost assets, valuables, property, investments and above all else, loved ones, would attest to this. The life-saving potential that Firexo yields is clear. 

"It can be used in every single place where current fire extinguishers are found, by professional firefighters as well as people in their households when absolutely necessary, from small fires to forest fires.”

To support its revolutionary work in the firefighting industry, Firexo has chosen Microsoft Dynamics 365 and Preact is proud to have been selected as its Dynamics 365 implementation and support partner.

David Breith said: "Microsoft offers a highly scalable platform which is crucial as we plan to rapidly grow our business. With Preact's help we've quickly made good progress with Dynamics 365 Customer Engagement. That's only the start, and we are looking forward to exploring further connected applications and workflows across the Microsoft stack including Teams and SharePoint."

Preact's Commercial Director, David Brettell said: "We are thrilled to be working with Firexo to develop and implement their CRM strategy. The company has a fantastic product, and we are excited by the prospect of supporting its growth as new requirements emerge".

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