Replacing Visitor Sign-In Books with a Reception Visitors App

Visitor sign in app

In this guide we show you how a customisable PowerApp improves the sign-in experience for visitors to save time, increase security and improve data accuracy. PowerApps are built using the Microsoft Power Platform, a low code platform powered by Microsoft Azure which helps you unlock the potential of Dynamics 365, Office 365, Microsoft Flow and Power BI across a common data model.

The Visitor PowerApp

If you are currently using a log book to track each site visitor, a dedicated sign-in PowerApp will make an excellent first impression on any guest.

Upon arrival, visitors are able to check-in using an iPad or other tablet using your branded registration experience. The arrival date and time are automatically captured and the registration form will capture basic detail such as:

  • Visitor name
  • Company
  • Name of employee visiting
  • Car registration
  • Electronic signature
Sign in detail

This experience can also be adapted to include:

  • Require each visitor to accept terms and conditions, for example a health and safety notice
  • Capture picture and associate to the visitor record
  • Create a QR code upon registration that can be scanned on sign out
  • Use selective registration data including picture / QR code to print a visitor badge
  • Make employee names searchable and link visits to these records 
  • Custom branding

Visit data is stored in the Microsoft Common Data Service (CDS) enabling it to be easily connected with Microsoft Dynamics 365 and Microsoft Flow for automated workflows. 

For example, upon sign-in an automated workflow could be triggered that will send an email or SMS message to an employee.

Compared to paper-based sign-in processes, this provides many advantages in saving time, increasing the security of premises and ensure compliance with organisation policies. This includes knowing who is visiting your facility at any time in case of emergencies, or in the event of a fire evacuation test.

Data retention policies can also be set to ensure that visit data is retained no longer than necessary in line with GDPR policies. This data can also be used to support frequent visitors for quicker sign-in.

Sign Out

When visitors are ready to depart, the PowerApp will enable them to quickly sign-out. Customisable sign-out options include searching and selecting contact name to complete sign-out via tablet app as well as scanning a QR code to complete sign out.

Implementing Your Sign-In App

Find out more about how we can help you implement a fully functioning visitor registration app. Get in touch to discuss how this can be adapted to fit your requirements.

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