Recurring Goals Solution for Dynamics 365

Microsoft Dynamics 365 / CRM

Goal management in Dynamics 365 enables sales, service and other business goals to be set with the results measured against these targets. 

Many of our clients use this feature to manage goals across actions that include new leads created, phone calls completed and revenue targets.

Often these are recurring goals which need to be reset each week, month or quarter but by default a manual process is required to reset goals for each new time period.

To simplify this and reduce administration, we've developed a solution that will automatically refresh Goals within Dynamics 365.

On a daily basis, this solution will search Dynamics 365 to identify all goals that have expired, or will expiry today. For these matches, it will look at the defined goal time frame and automatically generate a new goal for the next time period.

As an example for a monthly call target goal, at the close of a month the expiring goal covering this period will have been identified. This solution will then trigger the creation of a refreshed goal for the new month.

Historical data for expired goals remains available for reporting purposes and this solution will cater for any number of child / parent goals.

If you're currently manually creating goals for recurring targets, get in touch to find out how this solution will save your time.

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