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Mar 21 Top 10 Solutions Steps

During the past 12 months, Preact has released a series of packaged solutions for Dynamics 365 and model-driven apps to enhance user experiences and elevate performance.

These cover a range of functions, including prebuilt connectors, automated processes, form controls as well as providing usability improvements. In this post, we've highlighted ten of the most popular solutions, but you can browse all of these products at: www.preact.co.uk/solutions-hub.

As packaged solutions, each is quickly deployed and best of all, they are available at no additional cost as part of Preact's managed service. Alternatively, you can access our growing range of solutions through our Solutions 365 subscription that includes access to all of our packages products. Speak to your account manager, or any of our technical consultants, to find out more and deploy any of these products in your Dynamics 365 environment.

1. Multi-Select Lookup

Mslu 21

Lookup fields are limited to only one record per lookup, so our solution offers extra flexibility to handle scenarios where there is a requirement to select two or more records. For example, if two account managers are assigned to a customer this will enable multiple users to be selected in an Account Manager lookup field. The Multi-Select Lookup field can be applied to any record form as well as Quick Create forms. Find out more and see a demonstration

2. Record Tagging

Rec tag 21

We often encounter requirements for a simple tagging control in Dynamics, so we decided to build a global solution that works on any standard or custom entity. This field enables users to quickly set one, or more, tags on a record which reflect any type of categorisation. Subject to inbuilt security permissions, users can define new tag entries. As well as providing greater flexibility to capture data and personalise individual records, tags can be used to search, filter and sort views. Read more

3. DocuSign Connector

Docsgn 21

We've often found the integration between electronic document solutions and CRM limiting, so we set about building a robust connector between the leading DocuSign eSignature app and Dynamics 365. This enables templated documents to be sent in just a couple of clicks, without leaving the Dynamics user interface.

Once documents are signed, these are automatically attached to the associated record, so there's no need for users to manually upload these to Dynamics. You don't even need a DocuSign account! That's because the entire process is handled in Dynamics - our solution even includes a pack of DocuSign envelopes / eSignatures which is sufficient for most usage needs. This solution is prebuilt to work on Dynamics 365 Quote records but can be applied to any standard or custom entity. Find out more and see a demonstration

4. Address Lookup

To make it easier for users to accurately complete address detail in Dynamics 365, Preact has developed a connector with the leading Loqate address capture service.

Formerly known at PostcodeAnywhere, Loqate uses the best in class data from providers including Royal Mail. We've brought its rapid address lookup capabilities into Dynamics 365 to match addresses using a postcode, or any other address line. Not only does this solution provide prebuilt connectivity between Dynamics and Loqate, it also includes real-time address lookup capacity for each user, so you don't need to purchase a separate pack of lookup credits. Read more

Addlook 21

5. Xero Connector

For businesses that use Xero Accounts, we also offer a prebuilt connector to eliminate duplicated effort across Dynamics 365 and Xero.

For example, when an opportunity is won and an order record is created in Dynamics 365, an automated process will create a new invoice in Xero. New accounts and contacts in Dynamics 365 can be pushed through to Xero with the capability to sync any field from standard and custom entities.

This solution has recently been updated to include an additional sync process from Xero to update Dynamics 365 Invoice records when payments are received. Find out more and see a demonstration.

Xero paymrnt 21g

6. Total Expenses App


While there has been less need to claim for travel expenses during the past 12 months, other expenses continue to be incurred. But these processes are frequently time-consuming for staff to collate their expenses and then for approvers to review each claim. Our solution simplifies these processes by using a dedicated mobile app to track any type of expense with a supporting receipt, so claims can be quickly submitted.

As a Power Platform solution, all expenses data is stored centrally and accessible through Dynamics 365, enabling approvers to check each claim in the familiar user interface before approving or rejecting, as appropriate. Find out more.

Exp mob 21

7. Price List Manager

    Applying a global price change across products is made easier and quicker using this dedicated solution. Change prices across an entire list by a fixed amount or percentage rate in just a few steps by quickly creating a new price list with the updated pricing.

    8. Last Activities

    Checking when an activity was last completed on a Dynamics record can involve time spent checking through the Timeline or navigating to the Activity tab. Through our Last Activities solution, we aim to create a more efficient process by making it easier to identify any records that have been neglected.

    This provides an at-a-glance panel which can be applied to any record form which show the latest completed phone call, appointment or other activity type by user. This also includes a control to define the time period when a record will be defined as 'neglected' so these can be easily identified.

    Learn more and also check out our companion Next Activities solution.

    Last activ 21

    9. Split Invoices

    Want to split an order into two or more invoices? We've got a ready-made solution for that!

    Split invoices to reflect default payment terms or create a bespoke payment schedule. Automated processes will then create multiple invoices in line with defined terms and a specified payment date.

    Once complete, a summary of the invoices and amounts is displayed.

    Split f 21

    10. Drag & Drop Sub Grids

      For greater control to define the order of child records listed in a sub-grid, this solution allows users to set the sequence of these items using drag and drop functionality. This can reflect an order priority and once applied it will be shown globally to all users. Read more

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