Preact Partners With The Data Support Agency

Data Support Agency

Few small and medium sized firms have the time, expertise or resources needed to continually demonstrate compliance with GDPR privacy legislation which can easily cause this to be pushed down the priority list.

That's why we are delighted to partner with The Data Support Agency, providers of the leading GDPR solution that provides a simpler way for SMB's to achieve, manage and maintain GDPR compliance. 

Their innovative iCaaS GDPR tool guides you through this process, making these steps easier to understand and reducing the time to become GDPR compliant.

Access to GDPR insight, best practices and recommendations are easily accessible through the iCaaS secure online portal. This contains a library of GDPR compliant documentation including a readiness assessment and a traffic light gap analysis system to highlight the areas that need attention.

This service also includes data security as well as sharing new procedures and policies in line with evolving legislation. Further support is available by phone with access to The Data Support Agency's team of certified GDPR experts who will assist with any related questions.

Through the iCaaS cloud-based platform, IT leaders, compliance managers and CRM administrators are able to effectively manage, maintain and demonstrate GDPR compliance in one place.

Preact's focus is to support our clients in developing smarter processes and discovering new data insights that will help them delight customers, improve efficiency and support long term growth. Having robust controls and procedures governing how personal data is handled is also crucial in achieving these aims and maintain GDPR compliance. As such, The Data Support Agency is the partner of choice for Preact.

We are thrilled with the relationship we have developed with The Data Support Agency and we will use their compliance solution as another control to ensure that our client data is treated with the highest level of diligence. As a CRM provider we appreciate better than most the importance of careful data management and our partnership with the DSA is a demonstration of our commitment to best practice in all areas of customer management.

“To have a respected CRM solutions provider use our service and recommend it to their own customers is an endorsement we are very proud of. We look forward to working with Preact and are delighted to welcome them to our network of partners,” says Nicola Hartland, CEO of The Data Support Agency.

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