Preact Official Statement: Covid-19 (Coronavirus)

Covid - 19 Statement

In line with guidance from the UK government, NHS England and the World Health Organisation (WHO) in response to the spread of Covid-19, Preact has made preparations to ensure that we can continue to protect our staff and support our clients.

As a supplier, we acknowledge Preact's responsibility as part of our clients' business continuity plan, and we want to assure you of the continuity of our service. 

Keeping our operations running is critical to us. We intend to fulfil 100% of our commitments to clients and use technology wherever we can to play our part in controlling the spread of Covid-19 and minimise the impact on business and society.

Team Advice Communications

Through our internal Microsoft Teams channels we have shared advice on how to protect yourself, and we have provided links to supporting resources from the NHS and WHO. This has included links to guidance on self-isolation and social distancing.

Preact team members has been reminded to ensure their personal contact information is up to date so that we may quickly and efficiently notify everyone concerned.

We have also deployed a Crisis Communication application through Microsoft Teams. This enables our team to share their working status with line managers, check emergency contacts, and check updates from our management team and trusted news sites.

We recognise the situation will continue to evolve. Our senior management team are monitoring this and are holding daily remote meetings, and we will update our advice and guidance as required. Through regular updates and weekly web conferences, we will continue to keep our people informed of the latest developments.

Customer Communications

Externally we have shared regular updates about our business continuity arrangements with our clients. All client communications in relation to Covid-19 will continue to be made through the usual Preact communication channels.

Team Member Planning

We are monitoring our staffing so that we can maintain service levels. On a daily basis, we are collecting information about the working status of each team member. All team members have been made aware to take the appropriate precautions if they feel unwell.

Travel Advice 

Preact is following the UK government guidance to avoid all non-essential business travel.

Remote working

Remote working is an important part of our normal operations and our mobility culture. Prior to the closure of our Maidenhead office, we tested our continuity strategies to confirm we would be able to provide ‘business as usual’ in anticipation of our team exclusively working remotely. 

Office Re-Opening & Working Policy

We have no immediate plans to re-open our office. We continue to monitor the situation and when we feel it is appropriate to re-open, we will provide the necessary policies and instructions to our team in line with social distancing and hygiene guidelines.

When this occurs, the decision to continue working from home or in the office shall be an entirely individual choice based on personal circumstances. We will not expect any member of team to return to the office unless they feel comfortable to do so. We recognise that working from home can be difficult and the option of an office environment will be welcomed by some. For other members of our team, this will be an unnecessary risk to themselves, or to their vulnerable / high risk family members. 

When our office re-opens, we will restrict the number of individuals attending each day to ensure that social distancing can be correctly observed. When this time comes we will ensure that the correct sanitising equipment and supplies are in place.

Suspending In-Person Meetings & Training

Since early March, we have sought to undertake all meetings and training remotely. This measured response is designed to ensure business continuity and meet our commitments to clients and staff in a socially responsible way. For the foreseeable future, all commercial activity and professional services will continue to be delivered remotely.

Client Projects

For clients who are currently in the process of a live project, every effort is being made to minimise potential disruption to our project delivery. Our project management team are regularly reviewing in flight projects and are planning accordingly.

Business Continuity Plans 

Our entire UK workforce is now working remotely, and we are operating as follows:

  • Our Microsoft Teams phone system is cloud-based and all staff working remotely shall be accessible on 0800 381 1000, or on our usual support line.
  • Our support team use Microsoft Dynamics 365 Online as their help desk and case management system which is accessible remotely. They can be contacted by phone, email or via our web portal.
  • Our collaboration tools for communication, project management and file sharing run on cloud platforms which enable us to provide content sharing internally and externally. These include Microsoft Teams, SharePoint and other Office 365 applications.
  • We have the capability to access client systems and content remotely, and live training can be delivered using online screen-sharing applications.

We continue to monitor advice from the UK government, NHS England and WHO, and we will respond in accordance with their guidance. As appropriate, we will update this statement with any changes and additional information as our plans evolve.

As always, we remain committed to supporting our clients with outstanding service. Please reach out to us if you have any questions or concerns, including any assistance to support your systems and businesses processes for remote working.

There is no doubt that businesses face an immediate period of uncertainty. But it’s important to remember that this will pass, and we remain confident that UK businesses will come through this challenging time stronger than ever.

Selom Bulla

Managing Director, Preact Limited

Updated 14 May 2020