Pioneer DJ Selects Preact to Implement Microsoft Dynamics 365

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Pioneer DJ produces industry leading DJ equipment designed to bear the tough environment in clubs. To support its teams working with customers across EMEA, the company sought a new CRM system as Justin Porter, Finance and Operations General Manager at Pioneer DJ explains.

“Since our company was carved out from Pioneer Corporation, we lacked a central system as customer detail was stored on spreadsheets. We needed a portal to better manage this data so it could be securely shared across our teams.

As we already use Microsoft Dynamics to handle our ERP requirements, Dynamics 365 was a natural solution to consider. From our first meeting with Preact we were excited by their vision of how Dynamics could work for us. Understanding the flexibility of the platform and being able to plug in Power BI analytics were crucial in us selecting the product.

Our team have been very positive about the project as they have seen the benefit in being able to quickly access customer information in one place. If something changes, this will have instant effect across all departments as we are now connected to the same data source.”

Dynamics 365 is also being implemented to handle Pioneer DJ’s approval processes as Justin explains.

“Our previous solution for managing approvals across our routine workflows was creaking. It was also proving restrictive as it didn't report a customer history. For example, our sales teams were not able to see if a credit note had been raised on an account, so they'd need to contact our back-office team.

With Dynamics 365, we are joining up our processes and dataflows which is enabling everyone to instantly check recent customer interactions. Across our finance, operations, and other back-office teams, this will save significant time as there is less need to chase for information.”

By replacing legacy spreadsheets with a unified platform, Justin highlights how this will enable them to better serve their customers.

“Our sales managers across EMEA work closely with customers but limited information about these relationships was shared with other parts of the business. This could create continuity challenges if individual managers were not available, or if they left the business.

With customer interactions tracked in Dynamics, we will be better placed to handle these scenarios as new team members can be prepared. This will also help reduce our reliance on sales managers to communicate our messages as we now have the option to drive some of this centrally.”

Looking ahead, Justin is confident that Pioneer DJ is on course to achieve its aims with Dynamics 365.

“Dynamics is changing the way we think and how we process things, and I believe there is plenty of scope to roll out the system more widely.

I am very hands on in understanding and developing the system and it is good to know that I can use Preact's managed service to fill any knowledge gaps. We chose Preact because we saw they offered the flexibility we needed to get started with Dynamics 365 and I have been impressed with their approach. This has included a valuable contribution of recommendations and ideas from their project manager which has helped us make a positive start.”

We are grateful to Justin for sharing his early experiences of Dynamics 365. To learn more about Pioneer DJ and its products visit:

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