Opt In For Early Access to the 2019 Release Wave 2 for Dynamics 365

In advance of the October roll-out for Dynamics 365 - 2019 Release Wave 2, administrators can now opt-in for early access to test and validate the new features and capabilities before these are enabled by default.

For Dynamics 365 for Customer Engagement apps, the preview features can be enabled for non-production environments for initial testing from the Power Platform Admin Center in Environment > Updates.

Early Access to Dynamics 365 - 2019 Release Wave 2

Once enabled for an environment, this preview cannot be turned off. Additional steps are required to activate the 2019 Release Wave 2 on Dynamics 365 for Marketing.

During the early access period, any issues can be reported directly to Microsoft by raising a support case or via its community forum. 

By participating in the preview, administrators will be able to prepare internal readiness content covering the new features and document change management processes prior to the update being applied to live instances.

The early access features for this Release Wave include:

  • Anchoring error notifications -  enabling users to quickly navigate to a form field which has an error by clicking on the error message notification (for Unified Interface)
    Anchored Error Messages
  • Customise Opportunity Close Dialog - capture why an opportunity was won or lost (for Unified Interface + requires manual admin change)
  • Knowledge Article Templates - reuse the common content and maintain consistent branding
  • Timeline Wall Improvements - for data density, usability and filtering (for Unified Interface)
  • Create & Add for Quotes, Opportunities, Orders & Invoices - to improve creation of multiple product lines (for Unified Interface)
  • Usability lookup enhancements (for Unified Interface)
  • View inline images for emails - when users open and read an email (for Unified Interface)
  • Form Header Improvements - to include no truncation of record header (for Unified Interface)
  • A/B Testing - for Dynamics 365 for Marketing
  • Email Layout Editor - enables multi-column layouts
  • Business Card Scanner - scan card by web and mobile to import detail (Unified Interface for EU & US regions only)
  • LinkedIn Sales Navigator Improvements - including new widget to handle InMail messages (for Unified Interface)
  • Microsoft Teams Integration improvements - for Unified Interface
  • Connection Role - enabled for Unified Interface

These early access features will become generally available from 1st October, and by default will be deployed in all environments during October. By the end of October 2019, Microsoft says all instances will have had 2019 Release Wave 2 features applied for Customer Engagement apps.

Each environment will be updated during a maintenance window over a weekend. At the time of writing, this release wave is currently scheduled to be applied to environments in GB regions between 11-13 October and Europe regions between 18-20 October. Specific dates for this update will be shown in the Message Center.

Microsoft has also shared new content about the new release for each Dynamics 365 app on its product update page including overviews of what's new in D365 for Sales and D365 for Customer Service.


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