Office 365 Style Profile Cards Introduced for Dynamics 365 Apps

User profile card 1

Profile cards are a familiar experience in Microsoft Outlook and other Office 365 apps to help users collaborate with colleagues or external contacts and this feature is now being rolled out to Dynamics 365 Customer Engagement applications.

From any record that references an associated user or contact record in a lookup, hovering over this link on a desktop / PC brings up their profile card to view the key information at a glance.

Profile cards are another new capability being introduced exclusively for the Unified Interface of Dynamics 365 Customer Engagement apps. This will be available for Dynamics 365 build 9.1.04203, or higher and require Office 365 (Exchange Online).

The information shown in the contact profile card is taken Dynamics 365 with this detail stored in the Common Data Service to reduce the need to separately open these records.

Contact Profile Card

For user profile cards, information is pulled from Office 365 (Azure Active Directory).

In this initial release, the fields shown on these profile cards isn't customisable.

To enable this new feature (in build 9.1.04203 or higher), in Administration > System Settings, toggle 'Yes' in 'Enable users to view contact cards'.

In a separate development, Microsoft recently updated it's April release notes to remove out of the box basic LinkedIn profiles which has previously been announced for Dynamics 365 for Sales users so these new profile cards seem to be an alternative solution.

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