A Look At Dynamics 365 New Text Wrapping For Field Labels & Values

Wrap Text

Using Dynamics 365 / CRM it could prove frustrating when longer field labels, or field values, didn't fit on a record form.

For field values, there was always a solution to use a 'Multiple Lines of Text' data field type to wrap text across several lines but an associated field label would not flow into a second line.

Where field values were set to a 'Single Line of Text', longer entries would only partially be displayed if there was insufficient form space.

Using a web browser interface, users can mouse over a field label, or a field value, to see the full detail in a pop-up but this is a limited solution and isn't viable for mobile users.

That's why it is great to see an improvement in Dynamics 365 - Version 9.0, whereby administrators can enable a new control in the system settings to optimise displays for longer field labels and values by enabling text wrapping:

Wrap 5

To demonstrate this new capability a new field with a long label title has been configured with a data type set as a 'single line of text':

Wrap 7A

This field has now been applied to a section on an account form:

Wrap 3

The width for the field label area in this section is set to 115 pixels to make it a good test of the new text-wrapping capabilities:

Wrap 2

In this example, we are using the D365 - Version 9.0 refreshed web user interface and upon opening an account record, this field label now wraps onto a second line as shown below.

While the data type was set as a single line of text because text wrapping is enabled this entry flows into a second line.

Wrap 1

Admins can still set field values as 'multiple lines of text' but in other instances the text wrapping for labels and values will flow across across a couple of lines.

By adding further text into the field label and the value a third line is only partially shown:

Wrap 7B

In most instances, two lines for field labels is sufficient and where values for a specific field are likely to be much longer, a 'multiple lines of text' data type will still be the way to go.

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