New Seamless Integrations For Microsoft Dynamics 365

Our partners at Recursyv have released a new application integration service that makes it easier to sync data between Dynamics 365 and other applications.

Through its Dynamics 365 connector, users are able to retrieve or update all data within Dynamics including bespoke entities, data fields and lookup values.

Recursyv’s application integration service, Seamless is delivered entirely in the cloud and requires no additional infrastructure to enable true hybrid architectures with the ability to connect cloud and on-premises systems.

Seamless is built as a polling service which offers a more robust performance to guarantee message delivery and in configuring its impact on Dynamics system load in contrast to Azure aware custom plugins.

This enables developers to extend the Dynamics 365 plugin, using .NET to take advantage of its core features while also providing the flexibility to disable unwanted features and develop bespoke features that meet specific business requirements.

In comparison to D365 virtual entities, entries are placed into Dynamics as actual data which can be used for business processes, reporting, updating and then synchronised back to the original data source. 

The Seamless plugin for Dynamics 365 is already live in a number of implementations connecting Dynamics to, among others, Autotask, Hoopla and Freshdesk.

New integrations can be quickly setup using Recursyv’s growing library of application connectors. Foundation connectors (SOAP, RESTful) are available to integrate with bespoke applications, either in the cloud or on-premise.

Able to meet the needs from the smallest user group to the largest, Seamless from Recursyv offers scalability and the prospect of being able to quickly and easily setup new connectors.

Seamless is highly secure by operating within Microsoft’s Azure cloud with all data and configuration separately encrypted.

Integration as a Service

Seamless is provided as a managed service through a subscription. This service includes initial set-up, proactive monitoring and alerts so you remain on top of what is happening within your infrastructure.

DOWNLOAD: Integrating Dynamics 365 using Recursyv Seamless

Please get in touch to learn more about how you can connect more apps to Dynamics 365 using Recursyv Seamless.

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