New Mobile Friendly Dynamics CRM Controls

In keeping with Microsoft’s ‘Cloud First, Mobile First’ strategy further improvements to CRM phone and tablet apps feature prominently in Microsoft Dynamics CRM 2016.

These include 15 new custom controls that deliver increased visualisation and touch experiences for mobile devices which optimise Dynamics CRM for mobile users.

Here are a selection of the new controls to demonstrate the mobile customisations available in CRM 2016:

Calendar Control

A new data set control option is available to replace CRM form grids or dashboard lists with calendar data. By applying calendar control mobile users can easily check activities or review other entities by date in a mobile optimised layout.

For example, this control could be used display a calendar view detailing when active opportunities are forecast to expire.

In the example below a regular CRM activity grid for web browsers has been replaced with a mobile calendar:

Field Controls

Mobile field controls replace elements on CRM entity forms including fields with mobile optimised visualisations. These include:

Star Rating controls

For example, replace a field drop down list of numbers with a graphical star score:

Option sets

Another alternative to a drop down list for a mobile optimised form is an option set enabling users to easily review the options for a field entry.

Flip Switch

True / False switches that can replace yes / no controls on regular browser forms. As an example, these could set communication preferences on contact record with individual slider controls for Do Not Email, Do Not Phone and other similar fields.


Use a variety of slider controls enabling users to set numerical values by dragging a marker left and right.

Arc & Radial Knobs

These sliders enable CRM values to be quickly set by using a finger on CRM mobile apps. For example, on an opportunity record these controls could apply a probability score or the estimated revenue.

Number Inputs

Mobile + and – controls enable number field values to be increased and decreased in increments.

Website Preview

When a web address appears on a CRM record a preview of this address can be applied to the mobile form including the image and a page description.


Embed video content to play this media via CRM mobile apps.

Previewing Mobile Forms

With the variety of additional form controls available administrators will want to easily check their latest mobile customisations before they are deployed to mobile users.

Previous editions of Microsoft Dynamics offered previews for the CRM web client only but with the introduction of Dynamics CRM 2016 new preview options are available for phone and tablet. This extends to CRM dashboard previews.

As a result, the CRM mobile experience can now be instantly previewed on a read-only basis using the organisation’s live data to check recent customisations before form and dashboard changes are published.

The new CRM Mobile controls are another terrific enhancement available to all Microsoft Dynamics users with CRM 2016!