New GDPR Marketing e-Learning Course in Association With CIM

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E-Learning specialists, Me Learning have added to their catalogue of role-based GDPR courses with a new module for marketing professionals.

Working in association with The Chartered Institute of Marketing (CIM), Me Learning has launched GDPR for the Marketer.

Co-written by the data privacy legal team at Clayden Law, this digital course provides a comprehensive overview of how GDPR will impact the marketing sector, and what marketers should do to prepare.

If you need to get your head around GDPR consent rules and how you are going to update all your marketing lists before May this engaging course will provide clarity and guidance to help you make sure that your marketing campaigns are GDPR compliant.

This focuses on the areas of the General Data Protection Regulation that have a direct impact on marketing including opt-ins / outs, consent, legitimate interests, email marketing, text marketing, direct marketing campaigns and more.

It highlights the differences between B2B and B2C marketing and the challenges that GDPR poses to the marketing list industry, and features exclusive insights from James Farmer, Head of Marketing Communications at the CIM.

Delivered in 6 bite-sized segments, this 3-hour online course is priced at £175+VAT per person. 

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Chris Daly, chief executive of the Chartered Institute of Marketing (CIM), commented on the release of this course:

"From May 2018, marketers across the industry will have a legal imperative to make the responsible use of data their priority. We have defined best practice and are working to drive clarity on behalf of the industry.

Our ‘GDPR for the Marketer’ e-Learning course is designed to train marketing professionals in the new legislation’s requirements.

Marketers are well placed within their organisations to lead change and ensure that consumer data is handled and used in compliance with GDPR.

With this, they can leverage value-based relationships with their customers that are built on trust, as well as openness regarding how they will be marketed to. This is essential: consumer trust and access to data are both fundamental to effective marketing."


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