New Feature: Generate Dynamics 365 Sales Quotes As PDF

Create PDF option in Dynamics 365 control bar

As previewed in its Dynamics 365 release notes for the April 2019 update wave, Microsoft introduced a new option enabling sales users to quickly create quotes as a PDF file.

This is designed to shortcut processes where quote documents are initially generated in Word format and then manually converted to PDF.

Using the new functionality, quotes can be immediately output as a PDF using standard templates and quickly shared with customers. Once templates are uploaded to the quote entity these will be available for creation as a PDF document.

Before users can generate quotes as PDF's, this function must be enabled by an administrator. Once activated, quote records will display two buttons in the quote ribbon to 'create PDF' and 'email as PDF'.


Clicking 'Create PDF' and selecting a template will download a local copy of the PDF quote which can be saved and distributed.

Upon clicking 'Email as PDF' and clicking a quote template a draft email will be created with the PDF quote document attached enabling the user to complete the message and send the email.

Email record showing a PDF file attachment

The new feature supports multiple PDF quote templates.

This includes two sample templates 'print quote for customer' and 'quote summary' with an option to add personal template designs.


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