New Embedded Act! Emarketing Workflow for Act! v20

Act! v20 introduces tighter integration with Act! emarketing. The latest version features a brand new Act! emarketing workflow fully embedded within the Act! user interface that improves the experience to create, send and track campaigns.

Once an active Act! emarketing account has been connected click the Send An Email Campaign option in the Act! emarketing menu.

Starting with the Overview tab see an at-a-glance view of the most recent campaign sent, and any upcoming scheduled campaigns:

Confirmation of the current Act! emarketing service level and entitlements are shown here with an option to upgrade or purchase a full emarketing subscription - these latter processes remain outside Act! as users will be directed to a new browser window that opens when the purchase / upgrade button is selected.

To get started on a new campaign click the 'Create' option in the workflow menu to browse existing email templates or to create a new design:

Act! emarketing BASIC users have 5 pre-built templates available while PRO and TEAM users can get started with 100+ ready made templates.

Individual templates are categorised and these can be viewed and filtered within the Template Manager shown above with favourites saved as 'My Templates'.

Click the edit option from any writable template to customize.

Marketing users are now able to create and edit email marketing messages using the drag and drop editor within the Act! application  which avoids the need to jump to a separate window:

Once the email message has been crafted click 'Send' to transmit this now, or schedule the campaign.

From this screen, select the recipient(s) as the current contact, current lookup, a defined Act! group, a selected Company, an Opportunity or All Contacts (has anyone really ever used this last one?).

Select the template, define the sender and subject title before choosing when the message will be sent.

Once that's done, you are all set - without ever needing to leave the Act! CRM user interface!

Move over to the 'Track' option which provides a call list showing the hottest prospects from recently sent campaigns...

... as well as campaign reports and statistics:

The final of the 5 additional Act! emarketing screens that are now embedded within the Act! v20 application is emarketing 'Options'.

From this view, controls can be set to define a time zone, configure campaign notifications and update the account password:

In this post we've highlighted how marketing users are now able to create and schedule emails in the same Act! interface that is used to manage groups, activities and contacts but individual users can still opt to log-in to the Act! emarketing web portal to customize a template. The portal could still prove useful in some instances if users will need to navigate to another Act! screen while they are in the process of editing a campaign email and they want to keep this open in a separate window.

Act! emarketing BASIC is included free in the price of Act! with paid subscriptions available for PRO and TEAM include more templates, increased list sizes and 'send as' functionality.

Contact Preact to learn more about Act! emarketing and upgrade to the latest version that included embedded Act! emarketing.