Navigation Improvements to the Dynamics 365 Unified Interface

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A new update has applied some important changes to the navigation of the Dynamics 365 Unified Interface.

Previously, for desktop users the Unified Interface site map was collapsed by default. As a result, this was reliant on users memorising what Dynamics function or feature each icon referenced:

Collapsed bar - older style

In latest release, the sitemap now expanded by default.

Whereas, users would inevitably have to click to expand the site map to discover these titles they are now clearly shown in the browser window:

Side bar navigation

Clicking the top hamburger icon will collapse the menu for the user session until this is manually expanded.

Area Switching

In earlier Unified Interface builds, the process to switch between areas was handled within a tabbed control at the top of the site map.

Old Control Switch

In the latest release, at the bottom of the site map a new tile enables users to switch between areas.

In this example, a user is working in the 'Service' area as shown by a blue S tile that appears in either an expanded or collapsed site map display.

Control Switch Process

Clicking this opens the area switcher and in this example the user could move across to an alternate 'Training' area.

This will then change the switch control to reflect which area the user is currently in.

Control Switch

Recent & Pinned Items

Another change sees recent and pinned items moved to the top of the site map. 

In this example, a user is able to quickly switch back to their pinned list of activities and active cases within the expanded site map:

Pinned Items

Within the 'Recent' list, the last 10 items will be shown representing recent records, dashboards and  views.

Command Bar

Finally, further tweaks have been made to the command bar and while these are mainly cosmetic they do include new hover effects and more subtle use of colour.

Command Bar - UI

If your organisation is considering migrating to the Unified Interface, Preact will be delighted to assist you manage this process and answer your questions. Please get in touch to speak to one of our team.


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