Microsoft Social Engagement Does World Space Week

Last week was World Space Week 2015, an international celebration of science and technology and the the largest annual space event.

With Twitter buzzing with posts about the educational and outreach events run throughout the week we thought this would be another good example to demonstrate how Microsoft Social Engagement measures the social impact of an event and delivers valuable audience insight.

During the week our Social Engagement account tracked more than 5,500 Twitter posts quoting the #wsw2015 hashtag.

Here are 4 things we learned from Microsoft Social Engagement about this event:

1. People in the UK were most engaged

Tweets from accounts in Europe used the WSW 2015 event hashtag most frequently and of these almost 75% were based in the UK.

Pakistan based Twitter users contributed more than 700 #wsw2015 tweets of which roughly 500 were from Islamabad.

The most frequent posters in the UK were headed by our customer, Satellite Applications Catapult, an independent innovation and technology company fostering growth across the economy through the exploitation of space.

2. The impact of social media contests can be measured

Microsoft Social Engagement (MSE) reports the keywords and the other phrases that appeared most frequently alongside #wsw2015 in Tweets.

This chart reveals a competition was run during the week which referenced #wsw2015 promoting a prize draw to win a pair of StormForce binoculars.

By drilling down in MSE it can be seen that the competition was run by All About Space Magazine (@spaceanswers) who were running a prize draw to win binoculars worth £100 for anyone who followed or retweeted their message.

MSE reports the original message was retweeted in excess of 600 times which created excellent sentiment for the @spaceanswers account as well as the #wsw2015 tag. The magazine also saw an increase in excess of 200 Twitter followers during the week undoubtedly helped by this promotion.

3. The sentiment for #wsw2015 was highly positive

Using machine learning Microsoft Social Engagement measures the sentiment of tracked posts. This is reported as a sentiment index value based on the positive, negative or neutral entries reported and highlights the movement in this score.

Tracking #wsw2015 we can see that MSE reports an extremely high sentiment index. Looking at the phrases that were most frequently associated with positive sentiment it’s clear that the binoculars competition made a significant contribution to this score.

4. Over 2400 people engaged with this event

MSE tracked over 5000 tweets across more than 2400 accounts.

Focusing on the UK market Microsoft Social Engagement has highlighted the biggest advocates of this event.

This included Didcot Girls School (@didcotgirls) who in one of their posts shared how they were creatively combining World Space Week with another event, National Poetry Day.

As you can see, Microsoft Social Engagement makes it easy to gain an overview of the impact of an event, as well as helping organisations assess the social landscape for their industry, product and brand.

From broad information including sentiment and location to detailed analysis of buzz and individual posts, it’s easy to understand how useful Microsoft Social Engagement is when it comes to learning more about an audience based on their social interactions.

What insights are you gaining from your social networking? And, what are your customers saying about you?

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