Microsoft Dynamics 365 - On-Premise & Online Feature Comparison

Microsoft Dynamics 365 / CRM

For the latest release of its on-premise CRM edition, Microsoft has changed the naming of the product to Dynamics 365.

This brings it in line with the branding of the cloud edition but although these share the same name, there are many important differences between their respective capabilities.

Microsoft has taken a 'cloud first' approach for several years and with new functions and services often being released exclusively in the cloud it has put more daylight between the two products.

In this post we've listed the main differences between Microsoft Dynamics 365 On Premise and Online based on the most recent December 2016 update that is available for both edition.

Dynamics 365 v9.0 is currently only available in the cloud and Microsoft has yet to confirm when its next on-premise update will be available but at the time of writing (Feb'18) we believe this is likely to be a summer release. 

As a result, the current on-premise edition of Dynamics 365 does not include any of the updates in this version including the new unified interface, multi-select option sets and virtual entities.

If you have any questions about either product please get in touch and we'll happily assist.

We'll begin the recent updates that are available with both editions.

Updates available for Dynamics 365 On Premise AND Online

  • Editable Grids - make inline edits from list views and sub grids
  • Outlook App- track emails in Dynamics 365 from Outlook across virtually any device using server side sync
  • App Source - find connected apps to extend Dynamics capabilities 
  • Analyze with Power BI - discover new insights by embedding Power BI dashboards in Dynamics 365
  • Connector Updates for Power Apps & Flow - create automated workflows between your favourite apps & cloud services  
  • Mobile Offline Data - access Dynamics 365 data offline using mobile / tablet apps 
  • Mobile UI Productivity - configure forms with mobile optimised controls 
  • Visual Process Designer - new graphical UI to build and manage Dynamics 365 automated workflows 
  • Knowledge Management - share solutions and important information about your products and services 
  • Service Level Agreements - define service and support standard and associate to entitlements
  • Connector Updates for Power Apps & Flow - create automated workflows between your favourite apps & cloud services
  • Interactive Service Hub - optimised UI for service teams 
  • Unified Service Desk - configurable framework to build an Agent Desktop application integrated with Dynamics 365
  • Customer field for any entity - configure customer lookup field for any Dynamics 365 record type 
  • Word & Excel Templates - single click document creation 
  • Theme Records - add business logo and change Microsoft Dynamics colour theme 
  • Business Rules - define rules based on business process flows 
  • Calculated Fields - automated formula calculations 
  • Rollup Fields - shows roll up values from child to parent records 
  • Integrations - with Skype for Business, Sharepoint (online & on-premise), Yammer (online) and Outlook

Recent Microsoft Dynamics updates that are only available for the Online (Cloud) edition include:

Dynamics 365 Online Updates NOT Available for On Premise

  • Dynamics 365 apps for Project Service, Field Service and Marketing
  • Web Portals - inclusive self service portal for customers, partners, employees or communities (custom solution for on-premise edition)
  • Voice of the Customer - integrated survey solution to create and distribute questionnaires and other feedback forms to collect customer opinions, ratings and views 
  • Customer Insights - embedded AI reporting the health of customer relationships based on recent interactions 
  • Relationship Insights - AI driven contextual action cards based on recent contact interactions 
  • Relevance Search - alternative search prioritizing items containing instances of keywords and their proximity to each other 
  • Organisation Insights Dashboard - review usage stats 
  • Connected Field Service - use Azure services to connect and monitor customer equipment 
  • Gamification - apply the concept of fantasy sports to increase user engagement and competition 
  • Task-based experiences - promoted next best actions for mobile UI 
  • Integrations - Excel Online and OneDrive for Business

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