How to Gamify Microsoft Dynamics 365

Realeased as part of the of the launch of Dynamics 365 launch in 2016, Gamification capabilities resulted from a Microsoft acquisition previously known as Fantasy Sales Team.

This change of name is significant because it reflects that gamification doesn’t have to be exclusively used for sales teams.

Microsoft Dynamics 365 - Gamification uses principles from fantasy sports to create a game-like experience within Dynamics with the objective of increasing user engagement and ultimately improving business productivity.

By using elements of fantasy football and other sports, and bringing gaming capabilities to Dynamics 365 this is designed to create greater competition and make the user experience more fun by turning some performance metrics into a game. This highlights top performers and makes sure that all the performance indicators that matter are highly visible.

Gamification competitions award points on the basis of actions tracked in Dynamics 365 and ultimately, gamification is about increasing both user engagement and data quality.

Data entry can be time consuming but having accurate, consistent data is vital for any CRM system. If you can apply gaming principles and make the whole process more fun it can help to motivate users who would otherwise be inconsistent about entering data.

Gamification KPIs

To start a new Gamification competition, the first step is to determine what type of user activity in Dynamics 365 do you want to measure in support of your Key Performance Indicator(s)?

Sales teams are an obvious focus for gamification competitions and KPI’s could include the value of opportunities closed, the number of new leads created or how many sales meetings are scheduled.

As mentioned above, Gamification isn't only relevant for sales teams…

In a customer service department, a game could award points for the number of cases closed, or the time spent on cases to celebrate the top performers.

Marketing teams could base games on the number of campaign activities that are created.

Field service or project service teams could take part in a gamification competition that ranks individuals on the basis of the total number of billable hours that are delivered.

Just about any user could participate in a competition that awards points for completed phone calls, or published Dynamics 365 knowledge articles.

KPI records are created in Dynamics 365 to define an action that will be used in a gamification contest.

These records can then be selected within the Gamification portal to pick the appropriate KPI criteria for each game and define how many points will be awarded:

Gamification & CRM User Adoption

Gamification is another approach to help secure user adoption in Microsoft Dynamics 365.

By tapping into fantasy sports, healthy competition is be created within teams. If people are incentivised around the data they enter, and there is an inviting gaming format, it will increase the both the amount and the quality of data entered.

This can also create more of a team mentality because an individual’s scores will rely on colleagues who they have picked in their fantasy team.

As well earning bragging rights and badges within the game, users can be further motivated with prizes and awards that are up for grabs.

These might be something tangible such as a gift voucher, or a perhaps an intangible privilege. Be creative by choosing awards that will resonate with your colleagues. For example, these could include reserved car parking for a month, an experience day or maybe free use of sports facilities for a limited time...

Gamification Role Types

For Gamification there are three main security role types:

  • Commissioner - the main administrator for all aspects of each game but these individuals do not participate in the game and will not score points and they cannot manage their own fantasy team.
  • Game Managers - can carry out some game admin tasks. These users cannot manage other users but can participate in games and score points.
  • User - a regular user that will manage their own fantasy teams and get points for achieving defined KPI's on the basis of their Dynamics 365 activity.
  • Fan - able to follow games and pick their own fantasy teams but their performance isn't measured within the game KPI.

Game commissioners will create new games and manage users from within the Gamification portal.

Game Formats

Various sports themed games can be run. Currently there are: football, rugby, cricket, American football, ice hockey, baseball, athletics, car racing and swimming.

Games can be run as regular fantasy competition enabling weekly changes to be made to transfer in / out players, or these can be fixed teams that cannot be changed for the duration of the game once these players have been selected.

Sporting themes are not mandatory. Gamification can also be structured without teams whereby leaderboards simply reflect KPI scores for individual users.

Picking Teams

For team-based themes, Gamifications commissioners will need to define users for each position on the team that each player will need to select.

In the example of a football themed game shown below, a Gamification user, or fan can choose between three users in the Attacking Midfield position for their team:

This works best when Gamification players have good choice of Dynamics 365 users for each position on their team.

As result, this might steer which type of sports theme will be used.

For example, in a rugby themed game there are 15 player slots to fill. If you want to offer at least 3 options for each position on a team, a minimum of 45 x Dynamics 365 users would be needed.

By contrast an athletics themed game only has 8 player slots to fit.

Games can be configured where some team positions have more options than others. For example, in a football game there maybe two user choices for the goalkeeper position but there are 5 defensive midfielder options to choose from.


Each Gamification player can check their current position on a real-time leaderboard.

This shows the respective position for an individual player based on their current KPI points, the ranking of each fantasy team and it also includes breakdowns for specific KPIs and individual team positions.

Gamification also enables Stream TV where real-time leaderboard statistics can be shown on a screen in the office.

Stream TV can be configured to show a series of game leaderboards on a loop with options for:

  • Fantasy Team Leaders
  • Game MVP Leaders
  • Leaderboard for sports themed positions
  • Leaders for overall and weekly game KPIs

Gamify your usage of Dynamics 365 with these new capabilities that are included with each Enterprise Edition subscription to increase user participation and productivity.

If you want to find out more about configuring Gamification and how to use this feature to track your own KPI's and increase user engagement please get in touch.

Dynamics 365 - Gamification was the topic for our recent webinar, a recording of this event is shown below.

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