Work Order Scheduling Board for Dynamics 365

Using the Dynamics 365 for Field Service scheduling board, schedulers are able to quickly find the best resources and allocate these to fulfil new jobs.

The standard board is designed to help schedulers match a single resource to each job but often firms need to assign multiple resources to a work order. For example, this could reflect an installation team that comprises of several engineers and a vehicle.

To achieve this we've adapted the standard Dynamics functionality to create a job centric work order scheduling board.

In this scenario, we have two field service jobs booked for June 19. Also, two unscheduled work orders need to be booked in:

The status of the resources for each job are colour coded. In the above example, field service personnel are shown in green reflecting work in progress with each van resource shown in grey. Colour codings are available on each job status and individual resource. For example, this could be set to show travelling status or if work is on hold. 

In the above example only two active jobs have been booked in but for instances where numerous jobs are carried out each day, the left and right columns can be collapsed to expand this job area to more easily view all jobs at a glance.

As shown below, one of the unscheduled work orders has now been dragged to this day and one technician has been booked in for this job:

If needed, further available operatives could also be booked for this job and to complete the booking a scheduler would also need to allocate an available vehicle.

To see the precise timings for each day covering all resources the Full Day display enables schedulers to make quick changes by dragging individual blocks:

To learn more about Dynamics 365 for Field Service and how our custom work order board helps to optimise resources and manage schedules on a job centric basis please get in touch to arrange a demonstration.

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