Jira Connector for Dynamics 365

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In an earlier post we shared an example of how Dynamics 365 connects with Azure DevOps to improve team communication. For organisations that manage agile and software development projects using Jira, a similar connector is available.

Jira Software helps teams plan sprints, distribute tasks, track actions and manage their projects and issues. Through a connector and using Microsoft Flow, Jira can be quickly integrated with Dynamics 365 processes. For example, this could include:

  • Integrating projects from Dynamics 365 to Jira
  • Connecting Dynamics cases to Jira issues
  • Integrating comments between Dynamics and Jira

For a new case logged in Dynamics, the connector will create this as an issue in Jira to capture the supporting comments and repro steps from the case record.


The criteria and processes used within the automated flow will adapt to fit each requirement. Example can include:

  • Upon creating a record, and subject to defined validations, a new Jira project will be automatically created to capture the work that will be done for this client
  • An additional 'project phase' structure in Dynamics 365 could be synchronised directly as Jira Epic structure
  • When a new case is created in Dynamics and pushed to Jira, the associated Jira issue ID will be sent back to Dynamics to keep these in sync
  • Structured comments could be synchronised or all case notes could be synchronised as Jira comments

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