Using Scribe Integration to Import Web Enquiry Forms to Microsoft Dynamics 365

With increasing numbers of sales enquiries now being submitted via a website ‘Contact Us’ form the need to automatically push this information into CRM is an essential requirement for sales and marketing teams.

At Preact we've partnered with Scribe Software and in this post we've outlined examples to demonstrate how Scribe Online streamlines the process to import web enquiries into Microsoft Dynamics 365.

Importing New Contacts into Dynamics 365

Scribe Online connects to website Content Management System databases to return newly submitted enquiries and uses the native Microsoft Dynamics Adapter to create new records in CRM.

This process can be customised to include the required logic to identify matching contacts already stored in Dynamics, or to automatically create a new record if no match is found.

A common example is to find contacts using a submitted email, then if no match is found another search will be performed on the leads entity. If an existing lead record is not found a new CRM lead will be created.

By automating the process of identifying existing records and creating new CRM records teams will always save time in comparison to manually searching D365 for an existing record and entering new data.

Also, with flexible field mappings between Scribe Online and Dynamics all the data from web forms is mapped directly to the relevant fields reducing the risk of data entry errors.

Enhancing the Integration

Once a new record has been created, or an existing record has been identified, this integration can be further enhanced to automatically create an open phone call activity against that record for a sales representative to follow up.

This automation enables users to utilise the standard Activities functionality, including views and dashboards, to follow up enquiries.

Apply CRM Functionality to Automate Actions

To reduce manual tasks and increase responsiveness for each sales enquiry native Dynamis 365 functions can be applied including:

• Workflow rules that send automated notification emails to the appropriate CRM users when a new web enquiry is received including a link to the newly created record
• Sending automated reply emails from Dynamics using your branded templates to acknowledge receipt of the enquiry

These examples require a Scribe Online Subscription to utilise Scribe Online Integration functionality.

Contact Preact to find out more about Scribe services for CRM and how these integration services will improve your sales and marketing processes.

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