Increase Email Open Rates With ClickDimensions Preheaders

ClickDimensions have added another neat feature which helps marketing teams improve their campaign open rates.

An email subject title is consistently the most important factor that recipients instinctively use in a split second to determine if they will open your email or trash it.

In an earlier post I featured how Click Dimensions automated split a/b tests enables different subject titles to be evaluated before applying the most effective version.

Now, there’s a new option to improve engagement by adding more information below the subject line to encourage recipients to open your message.

Depending on the preferences set by each recipient and which email application is used they will typically see a preview of the first line of the message.In some instances that line might just be ‘View this Message in a Web Browser':

Or, this may pick up the URL path for the image that appears at the top of the email message:

Neither example adds any tangible value.

Wouldn’t it be better if you could more easily control what text appears in this line without compromising the design of your email?

And, wouldn’t it be even better if this line added more detail to support your subject line with the aim of making your message stand out in your recipient’s inbox and increasing email open % rate?

In ClickDimensions for Dynamics CRM each email template and email send can be defined with a preheader line.

By adding this text it’ll show up as the third line in the list of emails in an inbox..

Whether you are sending a bulk email newsletter, or an automated nurture email, using this preheader feature is a great way to communicate more detail about your message and drive recipient action.

To learn more about ClickDimensions contact Preact to arrange a demonstration.