Improvements to ClickDimensions Email Sends

ClickDimensions recent update includes a series of changes that improve the experience for sending bulk emails.

Visually the Email Send form layout has been adjusted to make it easier to navigate these records. 

The associated email is previewed in the right panel and alongside there are new options that enable additional contacts and leads to be added as recipients.

Previously, the ClickDimensions Email Send layout would only enable the audience to be determined by associated marketing lists. With the recent release, marketing teams now have added flexibility to broaden the email reach by adding further contacts and leads to the Email Send record in draft status.

Further changes are evident when emails are sent.

ClickDimensions has updated its statuses between Draft and Sent.

Whereas campaigns to be sent at a future time would previously appear with the status as Outbox, these are now assigned a 'Scheduled' status. Once emails have started to be sent the status will briefly change to 'Pending' until all emails are 'Sent'.

Newly designed visuals for email statistics and prominent metrics at the top of the screen provide an at a glance view of each email campaign.

To increase visibility of email statistics including unique open rate, click rate and unsubscribe rate from Dynamics 365 / CRM list views and dashboards, Preact has supplemented the default Email Send record form with a series fields that automatically calculate these as percentages from the email data tracked by ClickDimensions.

These improvements are available with v8.8 and higher releases of ClickDimensions.

Preact are a ClickDimensions Gold Partner. If you would like to find out more about this solutions, or if you want to get more from your ClickDimensions subscriptions, we'd be delighted to help.

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