Improved PDF Generation Experience for Dynamics 365 Sales

Pdf gen

The latest 2020 Release Wave 2 for Microsoft Dynamics 365 Sales includes a series of frequently requested updates that provide an improved user experience to create PDF documents using a standard Word template

Firstly, the creation of PDF documents in the Dynamics 365 Sales Hub has expanded to include custom entities.

In App Settings >Productivity Tools > Convert to PDF, administrators are able to select which standard and custom entities will enable record and form data to be exported into a non-editable PDF document.

Prod tools1

Using this feature, end users are able to select 'Export to PDF' from the form ribbon on these entities to populate a new document using a defined Word template.

Another improvement is the addition of a document preview panel. In comparison to the 'Export to Word Template' process, 'Export to PDF' enables uses to see how the document will appear before this is generated.

This allows users to check the correct template is selected and provides a personalised preview showing each field value.

Through simple export options, users are able to easily save and share each PDF.

The 'Save to Dynamics' option will save the PDF file as a note on the primary record. If SharePoint integration is enabled, a 'Save to SharePoint' button will be available to save the file to a SharePoint site.

Exp pdf

'Download' enables users to copy the PDF file to their computer.

By selecting 'Email', the email record form will overlay and be pre-populated with the recipient primary record and the current user will be the sender. The generated PDF document is automatically attached and the regarding field will be set with the record from which the email was created. This value will also be automatically applied as the email subject but this can be easily changed to a different title.

Email form pdf attachment

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Please get in touch if you have any questions about configuring or using this feature.

This is one of the many enhancements available in the 2020 Release Wave 2 for Dynamics 365. Watch our recorded webinar to see a demonstration of this feature and a selection of more examples.

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