Important Update to Act! Software Activation Tolerance Policy

Swiftpage has announced a change to its Act! Software Tolerance Policy.

Act! CRM software contains enforcement technology which limits the ability to use the application on multiple computers, or reinstall the software, more than two times per user licence. This enforcement is called the Activation Tolerance.

In instances where the software has been installed multiple times per user, often due to hardware or personnel changes, and the Act! licence key cannot be activated for a new installation it will be necessary to request Swiftpage to increase the activation tolerance. 

With immediate effect, Swiftpage has announced that a charge will now be applied to increase the tolerance on a serial number if no active Act! Premium subscription is held. 

For customers using Act! Pro or Act! Premium (without an active Act! subscription), that need to increase the activation tolerance above what is given at the time of purchase, a charge will be payable by the customer / end user directly to Swiftpage before the licence tolerance will be increased.

The charges will depend on the number of registered Act! users licensed to the company and the region they are based. This is a fixed amount applied in multiples depending on the number of users that need to be activated at time of the request.

For the UK, these charges are as follows:

  • 1-10 Users: £25
  • 11-50 Users £50
  • 51+ Users: £75

Activation tolerance cannot be increased to more than a customer is licensed for overall. For example, a business licensed with 10 x Act! users cannot receive a 15 user tolerance reset.

Customers with an active Act! Premium subscription plan can continue to increase their Act! activation tolerance without an additional cost.

Please contact us if you have any questions about this policy change, or if you want to arrange an Act! Premium subscription.