Important Information for Microsoft Social Engagement Users

End of Twitter for Microsoft Social Engagement

Earlier this year, Microsoft signalled its intention to deprecate Microsoft Social Engagement from 16 January 2020. It has now announced that Social Engagement will no longer support Twitter as a data source with effect from 1 October 2019.

In its earlier messaging, Microsoft recommended that Social Engagement customers register for the public preview of Dynamics 365 Market Insights as this would combine social listening and engagement capabilities with AI-powered insights across web search terms.

However, in a change in product direction Microsoft now says 'Dynamics 365 Market Insights Preview is no longer intended to be a successor for Microsoft Social Engagement.' The earlier preview experience, including all social engagement capabilities, were deprecated from Market Insights on 1 July.

In the initial version of the Dynamics 365 2019 Release Plan 2 published in June that covers the next release wave available from October 2019, no detail was supplied about D365 Market Insights. This document has now been updated to include Market Insights which now confirms this product is designed for customers who are looking for aggregated alert-based insights across topics of interest and audience web activities.

The removal of Twitter as data source for Microsoft Social Engagement will inevitably diminish the effectiveness of this solution well in advance of its previously announced deprecation. 

Preact is now partnering with Orlo to provide its clients with a comparable social engagement solution that works with Dynamics 365. If your organisation is impacted by these developments please get in touch to discuss the options.