How To Solve CRM Data Quality Challenges For GDPR

In our first GDPR presentation, we shared background information about this regulation and discussed how it impacts on CRM systems, and we also introduced e-learning solutions that help workforces get a clear understanding of what action to take to ensure GDPR compliance.

In our latest GDPR themed webinar we focused on CRM data quality.

Regardless of what CRM technology you rely on, poor data quality is often a hidden cost that eats away at revenues and productivity. With the prospect of increased fines for non-compliance in data collection and processing, the introduction of GDPR sets a higher standard and means that data quality is something that B2B and B2C organisations can't afford to ignore.

We were thrilled to have Dr Andrew Eaton from Data8 as our guest presenter for this event. Data8 are a leading data quality management provider, their solutions cover everything from point of capture and real-time data validation to cleansing and enriching CRM databases. Andrew shared his insight about some of the most frequently encountered data quality problems in CRM systems and he highlighted some practical actions to be carried out before GDPR comes into force address these issues.

The recorded webinar is provided below and we've also listed a timeline if you want to jump directly to any of the main points covered in this presentation. 


  • 02:36 - the countdown to GDPR 
  • 04:34 - Andrew defines data quality, and what factors determine this
  • 05:45 - statistics demonstrating the cost of bad data
  • 07:05 - overview of what the GDPR is, and the aims for this regulation
  • 08:20 - how GDPR enforcement will change compared to current legislation
  • 10:27 - some context from the ICO about fines and scaremongering
  • 11:21 - examples of steps to improve CRM data quality before GDPR 
  • 15:34 - leading with duplicated records, Andrew highlights some frequent CRM data quality issues
  • 19:00 - screening data against preference services to prevent unwanted communication
  • 20:36 - using data cleansing to deal with duplicated CRM records
  • 22:17 - how to deal with outdated data
  • 23:15 - the priority of confirming consent for CRM contact records prior to GDPR coming into force 

Data8 have shared a series of GDPR resources, further content to help individuals and teams comply with GDPR are available from the ICO and from Microsoft.


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