How To Schedule Social Posts With ClickDimensions & D365

Using ClickDimensions new social marketing capabilities, marketing teams can publish and schedule social posts to profiles within the Dynamics 365 / CRM interface, and track how people respond to these updates.

This new solution available to ClickDimensions subscribers, fills a gap left by Microsoft Social Engagement which does not currently enable scheduling or tracking click actions to Dynamics.

Social Marketing is free with ClickDimensions and this can be configured in the Settings area with a connectors for each profile. In the current release this supports postings to:

  • Facebook pages, profiles and groups
  • LinkedIn company pages and profile pages
  • Twitter profiles
  • Google+ profiles

The new functionality forms part of ClickDimensions alliance with Oktopost. To complete the set-up of each connector, users will be prompted to verify the connection between Oktopost and each social network.

In addition to authorizing each connection, before posting a Social CNAME must be configured.

Step by step instructions for these processes are covered on the ClickDimensions knowledge base.

Once social profiles are connected with D365, new records can be created to immediately publish new posts, or schedule these for a future date and time.

In the Marketing area, select Social Posts and then click New to add a new item.

We'll start by adding a descriptive name for a new post and associate this with a campaign record.

Upon saving this record, the screen is refreshed with a button to open a pop-up window that will be used to create a new post:

In the Oktopost pop-up, select which social profile will be used and enter the text for the post including appropriate hashtags and an image:

By default, this will be set to post immediately but click this link to schedule for a specific date and time.

In this release, the schedule time is set for US Eastern Time so if you are posting for a UK audience you'll need to deduct 4 hours from this. For example, we want a Twitter post to be scheduled at 10:00 am GMT so this has been set as 6:00 am EDT:

To finish, click share now to post, or schedule the message for the defined time.

Returning to the social post record, this view has been updated to include a summary of the post and confirmation of the profile used.

As this post was scheduled, this includes an option to edit these details before the 'Post On' date.

Switching the Social Post view to 'Scheduled' or 'Posted' lists updates that are pending, or have already been applied.

Once a series of posts have been made, the next step is to understand what activity these are generating on your website.

With the ClickDimensions CNAME and web tracking capabilities, page view records associated with these posts can be identified. 

In the example shown below, a Page View record has been created where the Social CNAME is shown as the referrer:

This detail is important because it means that a new list view can easily be created that will report page views that originate from social posts made from Dynamics using this new ClickDimension feature. Where possible, this record will be associated with known contacts, leads or anonymous visitors. 

For further analysis and reporting of social campaign performance, this data can be applied to D365 dashboards or Power BI.

A great addition to ClickDimensions and another way to tap the power of social media from within Microsoft Dynamics 365 / CRM!

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