Opportunity Grid Accelerator for Dynamics 365

Building sales opportunities in Dynamics 365 that consists of multiple product lines can prove repetitive and time-consuming. That's because the standard interface controls force sales users to select one product item at a time.

For example, if an opportunity covers six different products, a sales user will have to repeat six different searches of the product catalog to find and select these items.

For busy sales professionals who routinely create multi-line quotes this is a drawn-out process when time could be better spent on revenue generating activity.

Thanks to the development of the Microsoft Power Platform, a better solution is now available that saves time and creates a better user experience.

Within the Dynamics 365 Unified Interface, canvas PowerApps can be embedded so we've developed a new opportunity grid accelerator which is added to the Opportunity form.

Let's get started with a walk-through demonstration...

In this scenario, a sales user works for a company supplying horse trailers. They need to build an opportunity to supply a new trailer that will be customised with a series of add-on products that a customer has requested.

To create this opportunity we'll use our embedded PowerApp that enables multiple items to be added in bulk.

Firstly, we've created the new opportunity record and referenced the appropriate Price List.

Next, we'll switch to the Opportunity Product PowerApp tab. Upon selecting the option to add multiple products a picker is shown that lists available products in the associated price list.

From this view, users can scroll through the list to pick the appropriate items.

For organisations working with complex product catalogues, scrolling through a long list isn't practical so a search dialog can still be used to quickly find the relevant items. 

In this example, we'll start with a base trailer that we'll customise to fit the customer's requested spec.

Typing 'trailer' filters the list enabling the user to immediately select the appropriate item.

This item is now added to the provisional list so the next step is to include the add-on items.

These can also be individually added using the search function which is a quicker process compared to using the native functionality. However, the important difference in this solution is the capability to add multiple products in bulk. To demonstrate this, five more products are selected and will now be added.

The selected list now consists of 6 items representing the base trailer and these add-ons. As shown below, individual items can easily be removed by clicking the bin icon.

To progress, we'll select Create All.

In the final build step, sales users can quickly fine tune each product line to update volumes, pricing and discounts as required by selecting the appropriate product item.

In this instance, we've increased the quantity of feed buckets that will be supplied and upon clicking 'Save' the current opportunity total is updated.

From this view, individual products can also be selected from the list and deleted if they are no longer needed.

Once quantities and other product variables are confirmed, sales users can switch to the regular model-driven (Unified) interface to see the completed detail enabling them to progress the opportunity and create a quote.

If you are looking to reduce time and effort in configuring opportunities and sales quotes, get in touch to find out how this embedded PowerApp can be deployed on your system to increase productivity and provide a better user experience.

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