How To Pick The Right Dynamics 365 Support Partner For Your Organisation

Picking Support Partners

Microsoft’s Dynamic 365 is an ever-growing suite of customer engagement applications that focuses on connecting data, streamlining processes and empowering users to make insight-driven decisions.

The Microsoft Cloud Applications ecosystem can be daunting, with so much going on! Whether you use the Sales, Customer Service, Marketing or Field Service Dynamics 365 module(s), there are constant updates to these applications, and across the Microsoft Power Platform.

Finding an expert alleviates you from having to keep up all by yourself. A good Dynamics 365 partner will be focused on more than implementation, but rather is always planning on how to improve your organisation’s usage and experience of Dynamics 365.

Break-fix support partners are crucial. At Preact, our support team are ready to help you identify errors, correct anything faulty, and prevent these issues from occurring again.

However, a good support partner will be more than just helpful when things go wrong. To grow a system requires proactive planning and action. Failure to optimise a CRM system is a missed opportunity that can lead to wasted time, frustrated users and unreliable processes.

What to Look for When Selecting a Dynamics 365 Partner:

1. What support is offered after implementation?

Break-fix support is a vital element of ongoing support. But what else is on offer?

Preact is keen to ensure regular engagements with our clients. This often takes place in the form of monthly calls with one of our consultants who will be assigned as Technical Account Manager (TAM). They’ll provide continuity by working alongside you to understand your organisation and get to know your Dynamics system inside and out. Our TAMs support clients in developing and implementing plans to make continued system improvements and offer proactive advice. For many CRM administrators, Preact TAMs are a sounding board to discuss proposed changes and agree on the best way forward based on their combined knowledge of the Microsoft stack and the organisation’s processes.

“We’ve gained immense value from our relationship with Preact and much of this comes from regular calls with our technical account manager. They’ve invested time to get to know our business, what we do and how we work, this even includes understanding our acronyms!”

Karen Mendoza, Head of CRM – Burgess Yachts

Burgess Support Partner copy

2. How well do they understand the Microsoft ecosystem?

It's important when picking a partner to assess how well their team know the application and extended Microsoft technology.

Microsoft awards different badges to partners based on set criteria. The Inner Circle status is awarded based on the ability to perform to a high standard of excellence by delivering valuable solutions that help organisations achieve success.

Microsoft Gold Partner certifications demonstrate competency across specific product areas and commitment, as this status requires a minimum number of team members to maintain the relevant Microsoft accredited exams.

Preact has been a Gold Partner since 2008 and has been named to the Inner Circle for the past four years, which places us in the top 1% of Microsoft's worldwide partners.

“We have what we consider to be a relatively complex system. Many of Preact's support team know our setup well and are able to react quickly. Our support requirements have been fairly light, due to having a stable and well-built system, but Preact has always been responsive with knowledgeable first line support when needed. This is backed up by a high level of expertise in its build team.”

Helen Alexander, Dynamics Product Owner – Virtual College

Virtual College Support Partner

3. What is the partner focused on building?

Is the partner focused on small and quickly deployable projects, long projects requiring multiple phases, or IP specific to industries?

Finding a partner that matches your needs is vital; each deployment option requires different expertise. While a partner may be willing to try their best, they may not have the competency or capacity to succeed.

Preact can offer:

“From our first meeting, we were excited by Preact's vision of how Dynamics could work for us. We chose Preact because we saw they offered the flexibility we needed to get started with Dynamics 365 and I have been impressed with their approach. This has included a valuable contribution of recommendations and ideas from their project manager which has helped us make a positive start.”

Justin Porter, Finance and Operations General Manager – Pioneer DJ

Pioneer DJ Support Partner

4. What is communication outside of technical calls like?

If there are no immediate technical issues or requirements, would you still hear from your partner? Infrequent contact can be worrying and makes it challenging to develop a relationship if the partner adopts a reactive approach. How will product news be communicated to you? How can you keep up with the latest product upgrades?

The Preact team send regular newsletters covering Dynamics and platform updates, these include links to our recent posts and videos demonstrating the latest functionality. Updates are also posted on our social network accounts, so be sure to follow us on YouTube, LinkedIn and Twitter!

We also host monthly webinars, exclusively for our supported customers, to demonstrate features, share insight and answer user questions. This is just another way we strive to add value and enable our clients to do more with Dynamics 365.

“Many of the training sessions, newsletters and videos produced by Preact have opened our eyes and prompted us to follow up by asking more questions which has taken our knowledge to another level.”

Joanne Court, CRM Administrator – Dart Valley Systems

Dart Valley System Support Partner

5. What are their company values?

Organisations define company values that reflect their culture. Knowing what a partner has set as their company values gives you an indication of their priorities and how they expect their team to work with each other and their customers.

At Preact, we have five core values:

  • We Are Customer Centric: Preact exists to make its clients successful, and we strive to delight them through our service and products.
  • We Are One Team: Wherever we work, we work together as one team. We work with good people, and we are supportive and respectful of each other.
  • We Do The Right Thing: For our team, clients and partners, we strive to do the right thing and earn trust through our actions.
  • We Execute Quickly: We have a bias towards action, and we work quickly to deliver excellent service.
  • We Challenge Ourselves To Be The Best: We are always seeking to learn and expand our knowledge.

“Preact have delivered a faultless service for many years. I’ve found them to be a great team to work with and I believe that sentiment would be echoed throughout our organisation.”

Gordan Pearson, System Manager - Mencap

Mencap case study image and logo

6. What is their track record?

Looking at previous projects and existing clients gives you a better idea of their experience. How has their service worked for others? Are there similar organisations to you that have had positive experiences with this partner?

Throughout this post, we have shared examples of benefits that our clients have gained by partnering with Preact and the successful outcomes we’ve achieved together. If you want to see more, why not visit our Case Studies page.

Elevate 365 for Dynamics 365

We’ve highlighted many things in this blog, and it can be tricky to find a partner who will ensure all these boxes are ticked.

This is why we’ve created our Elevate 365 managed service. It is an all-in-one subscription that includes:

  • Helpdesk Support
  • Technical Consultancy
  • Packaged add-on solutions
  • eLearning
  • Training
  • Engagement Calls

Through Elevate 365, we support our clients in maximising their Dynamics 365 use and ensure they are always driving value from their investment in Microsoft Business Applications.

What's Next...

If you’re interested in exploring a relationship with Preact as your support partner, get in touch with us today, we’d love to speak to you and understand your needs!

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